Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Customer Service !

Don't you just love to deal with local merchants ?

We spend a lot of time complaining about customer service these days - it's just not what it used to be - BUT there are certainly some places that do go out of their way to provide good service.

Today's example...

I found online sewing info last December...I found my first Burda in Feb 2008 (a 40 minute drive away). Then I spent 4 months trying to locate a shop a 'bit' closer, to no avail. During which time I did manage to get all but March 2008 & May 2008 from the first shop. A special trip to a fabric store being not a real hardship, after all. LOL :-)

In July, my brain actually started to function.....Hellooooo.....I work 1 block (yes, 1 block !) from a small, local dressmaker/craft store !!!!!!!!!! Now, I've been in there many times, for cross stitch supplies, zippers, etc. So, one day at lunch, over I go - THEY CARRY BWOF !!! EVERY MONTH !!

The young gentleman also told me, "by the way, we keep a list of people who want BWOF and put one aside for them each month - and if they don't come right away, we call them & after a month or two, if they haven't come in, we put it on the shelf for sale to the regular public."

So, is it just me, or is this AMAZING service ? You bet, I'm on the list and in August, they had a BWOF with a post-it with my name on it, just as promised.

And today, I strolled over on my lunch break and picked up the September issue - AND he remembered me - not my name but enough to know what I was there for. Reading for tonight's bus ride.

Life is good (so now I just have to actually make up one of these, a one dot skirt should be a safe start)


  1. Oh wow! That's real luxury! I can't even buy one anywhere in town, although the university bookstore used to carry them about 10 years ago. Enjoy your bus ride!

  2. I do love to deal with local merchants. We have a local lumberyard, and they'll deliver two sticks of lumber, if that's what I want, at no charge. We also have a hundred year old Ace Hardware store, and they will walk right to whatever you want, as your feet glide across the lovely, worn planks, and help you select even one lowly light bulb for a flashlight. Then, I can't forget Jan at our local White Sewing Center. She's worth her weight in gold, and she even recognizes my kids as belonging to me!

  3. When you find such treasures it means so much,doesn't it?
    Enjoy your magazines.
    I received a subscription from my in laws for Christmas and I love getting them in the mail every month. "Rumour" has it my subscription will carry on for next year :)) Yay!
    I may be making a quick trip to Montreal this fall, any suggestions for fabric stores?? :)


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