Sunday, September 13, 2009

PR Wardrobe - Storyboard

A quick update to add a picture of the completed baby afghan - this is baby-sized, much smaller than I usually make. I like to make them big enough to move onto their beds once the babies have outgrown the crib.

I flitted around 6 or 7 different things on the 'to-do' list this weekend and didn't manage to finish the blouse yet - working on the collar now.

I did finish a baby afghan for a friend - which also takes a UFO off my list :-), or it will once I weave in the two ends and take the picture to post.

LOL - only as I was editing the picture to post, did I realize Alex snuck into the bottom of the picture :-)

Today was spent on my storyboard for the PR Wardrobe Contest. The fabrics were decided last weekend. This morning I dragged out all of my patterns and my BWOFs and started juggling them around.

Here is the result**

Three weeks ago, I started a new job in my company. It's temporary and I'll go back to my own desk in about 18 months but, hey, it's a good excuse for a new wardrobe !

** all subject to change of course :-)


  1. Any excuse for a new wardrobe is good! Then, in about 18 months, you'll need another new wardrobe! Great plan.

  2. I crochet baby afghans every now and then. I love using the "oh so soft yarn" in baby colors. Does my soul good (and the Mom's ususally like them too).


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