Monday, September 29, 2014

Another addition to the hobby list

edit to add link to soap recipe -  Down To Earth - Cold Processed Soap V2

If I wait much longer to do a catch-up post you'll likely never hear from me again LOL.

So, as I get pics of my fabric and makes from this year I'll post and mention them.  Other than that, I'd just better keep going...

A couple of years ago, I found a few simple living blogs/forums and they piqued my interest. Since then, I've made some changes to my household products, starting with the laundry stuff. Making bar soap ended up on my radar, but working with lye kinda freaked me out made me think twice and I put it off for a bit.

Over the summer, I started collecting ingredients and supplies. Last Monday was the day. The dogs were locked out of the kitchen, I collected everything and gave it a go.
Seems to have worked out ok...they have to cure for about 6 weeks though, so I won't really know til then.   Here are the results...

Just started to unmold them. The silicone molds worked great. The plastic lining in the plastic Rubbermaid container worked, but it isn't a smooth-edged loaf by any means.

Deciding how many pieces to cut the loaf...big pieces, or small?

There's a shadow in the loaf, apparently ok and will/should go away as they cure.

I cut the loaf into 18 relatively small pieces. Ended up with 29 pieces in total, ranging from 1.6 to 3.3 oz. the larger muffin cups were all over 3oz., the smaller ones were about 2oz. The loaf?  Well, let's hope my cutting gets a bit more accurate as I go on LOL