Monday, September 29, 2014

Another addition to the hobby list

edit to add link to soap recipe -  Down To Earth - Cold Processed Soap V2

If I wait much longer to do a catch-up post you'll likely never hear from me again LOL.

So, as I get pics of my fabric and makes from this year I'll post and mention them.  Other than that, I'd just better keep going...

A couple of years ago, I found a few simple living blogs/forums and they piqued my interest. Since then, I've made some changes to my household products, starting with the laundry stuff. Making bar soap ended up on my radar, but working with lye kinda freaked me out made me think twice and I put it off for a bit.

Over the summer, I started collecting ingredients and supplies. Last Monday was the day. The dogs were locked out of the kitchen, I collected everything and gave it a go.
Seems to have worked out ok...they have to cure for about 6 weeks though, so I won't really know til then.   Here are the results...

Just started to unmold them. The silicone molds worked great. The plastic lining in the plastic Rubbermaid container worked, but it isn't a smooth-edged loaf by any means.

Deciding how many pieces to cut the loaf...big pieces, or small?

There's a shadow in the loaf, apparently ok and will/should go away as they cure.

I cut the loaf into 18 relatively small pieces. Ended up with 29 pieces in total, ranging from 1.6 to 3.3 oz. the larger muffin cups were all over 3oz., the smaller ones were about 2oz. The loaf?  Well, let's hope my cutting gets a bit more accurate as I go on LOL

Friday, July 25, 2014

Still Here

I guess dropping off the radar after the last post wasn't the best thing.

Thanks to everyone who checked up on me. It was really appreciated.

Truth to tell, I was mostly ok just seemed to lose the blogging mojo. Actually I lost a bunch of mojo - you know when you just seem overwhelmed in your head and don't get started at all. That's where I was. So many things I wanted to do but thinking too much and never really got started...or got started and stopped.

Been thinking about a blog post for a while, but after putting it off and putting it off, where do you begin ? Start fresh or catch up ?......or do nothing.

I've been sewing, knitting, even reading my blog list although not commenting much because I've just been so far behind ... all the usual stuff to some degree. I just haven't been overly visible on-line.

OK, lets just do a couple of posts to get back into it.

When I got back from New Brunswick after Christmas, I found a new toy from hubby under the tree...

Brother 3034D - Sooo different from my old Singer, sooo easy to set up and use, I needed a project - quick !

The serger came with a lesson - a trip to Club Tissus to sign up for it produced the Jalie hoodie pattern 2911 and a red/grey stripe jersey.

No idea why it took hold so quickly but I wanted that hoodie NOW! LOL But I didn't want to ruin it so I had to make a muslin. Heavy-ish brown jersey muslin and striped version both made within 3 weeks

Love 'em both, and I was off and running.

When PR Weekend Austin was announced I decided I was going. My last PR Weekend in 2010 I wore only RTW - not this time. I planned a whole wardrobe - LOL deluded much ? I did get 2 new items finished...

Vogue 1247 - I really wanted to make the skirt too but it's still not done yet.

Vogue 1250 - Gaylen of gMarie Sews sent me the pattern for this. Thanks g !!! Today there are 292 reviews on PR. My review, once I get to it probably won't add much.

PR Weekend was amazing, I tacked on a day at either end and spent some quality time with Connie who did the same. It was a great time and I met some really wonderful ladies !  Next year LA...I'm planning already.

Daniel Esquivel (from Project Runway) gave a talk Friday morning.

Lots of Twitter & Facebook posts LOL

Pattern Swap

Puppy fix - This little girl was just too adorable and lovey not to cuddle !

Still need to take pics of the purchases and the travel project so I'll stop here for now.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying goodbye

I feel like I need to write but really don't have the words I want to say. There's no eloquence in my writing, it's just words on paper. My youngest brother's calling is writing. he expresses so much meaning and emotion with his words.

My world fell apart 13 days ago. You know my Mom's been in the nursing home with Alzheimers for the past 7 years. She hasn't known anyone for about 3 or 4 of those. On the 18th my sister called - Mom had failed and was being moved to palliative care. She had signed a DNR so there was no care other than morphine for pain. It was just a matter of time. Friday morning the phone rang again "get home". In the midst of a winter storm and holiday travel, I could only get the train - a 24-hour trip by the time I finally arrived in Saint John. I was positive I was too late but I and 2 nephews who were travelling from Edmonton made it on time.

Everyone who was coming, made it. Mom was never left alone and the nursing home accommodated us all. Mom failed Sunday night and we all had time to say our goodbyes. Early Monday morning she passed peacefully with my eldest sister by her side. We had to get through Christmas before the visitation and funeral mass.

Mom lived for Christmas. When Father Doug was speaking with the family during the visitation all of the memories were about the holidays - cookie decorating, music, food, family. Mom would never have wanted the holidays to be affected by her death, but how appropriate it seemed that she went home at this time. We are all so glad that her suffering is over, but it has left a big gaping hole in our hearts.

Mom loved all us kids and would have been so proud that we grew up to be loving and close to each other. During the waiting and through the whole week no one was alone. There was always someone to lean on when we needed it. With so many of us, no one had to do more than they could handle, there was always someone to step in.

Now, I don't know what I'm feeling. It's been so long since she recognized me, but she was always there . When I went home, I could still talk to her even though she couldn't respond. That's gone now and I'm not sure how I'm going to wrap my brain around it.

I love you Mom.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Little Girl Sewing - Jalie 3022

One of these days, I'll make something for me !

Right now though, 'J' needed more shorts for gym class and her mama couldn't find any - seems navy shorts in September is just too much to ask for - seriously ?! Anyway, I picked up Jalie 3022 thinking I'd try it for her and get a bit of practice before trying the yoga pant for ME !

Here are the tabletop pics...


coverstitching on back seam and hem

waistband (WHY do the iPads rotate pictures ??? yippee, I figured out how to 'unrotate' them !)

....and... real' pics...

These were the draft pair. They were passed to mama on Monday and got pics at the 'trying on' stage. Yesterday they were worn all day at school. Her only quibble ? She wants the colour-blocked waistband - with her school name embroidered across it !!! Um, yeah, so plain white it is LOL.

They fit great and she was very comfortable all day, including in gym class. I thought, from the pics (that I've seen but her mama hasn't sent to me yet) that the crotch to waist is too long, but she was comfy so I'm not sure I ought to play with it. Now, I'll cut the rest of the fabric to hopefully get 3 more pairs. These are just navy, but I know now her other school colour is white, so colour blocking is an option for the school shorts. Two plain and two with the white band will be plenty for school, but I'm sure she'd like yoga pants with a bright waist as well (note to self size up 2 sizes). For me, I'll trace my size out soon.

The PR review is linked but...

Pattern Rating: Highly Recommend

Fabric: Cotton-Lycra Knit [See other projects in this fabric]

Pattern Description: Yoga pants (A) that are fitted through the hips and thighs and slightly flared from the knee down. The wide faced two-piece waistband allows for fun color blocking. A seam at the back of the leg provides flattering fit and easy adjustment. The shorts (B) are great for the beach or for dance or gym practice.

Pattern Sizing: child's 2 to women's 22 - I made a size K in shorts

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yep, other than lengthening the leg

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, although I used both the written and the pictures (the pics did not always seem clear to me). And now that one pair is done, I see just how easy they are to put together - the next ones should be QUICK :-)

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Really, really like the 2-piece back leg for shaping and the possibility of colour-blocking the waistband.

Fabric Used: cotton-lycra from Club Tissus. It's a pretty sturdy fabric, medium weight, I guess. It felt right and turns out it's exactly the stretch called for in the pattern.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I originally traced a size I based on verbal instructions but after measuring 'J', it turns out she's right in the size K, where she ought to be for her age, at least for Jalie which are pretty close to RTW measurements. I wanted a bike short - the only alteration was a longer leg, a 7-inch inseam.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? oh yeah

Conclusion: WINNER !

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gifty Sewing

This project was done about a month ago, but I hadn't got to blogging it.

I can get my fix of little girl sewing with the daughter of a friend from work.
A few years ago I made her a couple of sundresses 1st one and 2 more, but seems to me we didn't have much of a summer that year and I'm pretty sure she didn't get a whole lotta use out of them.

This year she turned 7 and they were planning a cupcake party. During a weekend in Toronto, our friends took us to Lens Mills and I found this...

Couldn't pass it up, bought a meter, didn't know what to do with it, DH suggested an apron. J and her mommy cook together so it was a good idea. I found an online tutorial for both the apron and a chef's hat and it turned out pretty well.

The apron is reversible.

Her mom invited me to help out at the party. Actually, she just invited me to attend but with 7 little girls in attendance, it took both of us to keep up with them LOL
Here are pics - full permission to use them.

It's a shame she's so camera shy LOL

Friday, May 24, 2013

The right tool for the job

Haven't been around much lately, and you know, there's actually a bit been going on so it means possible upcoming posts - Yay    ! A little gift sewing, a skirt for me (but not yet finished), a bit of bodice fitting (for M6506),

But today, today I really had a thought come home to me (steam coming out of the ears and all ! LOL)
DH is big on the right tool for the job. I'm getting better (used to be in the camp of 'use a handy butter knife instead of going to find a screwdriver' :-)

I need a top to go with the new skirt that's almost finished and finally decided to try Sorbetto. I think it'll work.


I printed off the pattern the other day and hadn't yet cut the pages down to size and taped them together.

I started to do this last night and stopped. Why ?
Well, for paper trimming, you got your scissors...

You got your personal trimmer...

We have both scissors and trimmer at home.

BUT at work we've got THIS !...

That sucker is 60-inches wide and I put it to good use this morning.
Perfectly trimming 16 pages of pattern took about 10 minutes - Fabulous !

Sunday, March 31, 2013


I hope you all have a wonderful day !

Monday, March 25, 2013


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I don't use Google Reader but it's all over on Jul 1 - apparently I needed to 'claim my blog' to set up Bloglovin - hopefully it worked and you can follow me there :-)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last one for now - Jalie 2005

5 versions so far - blue/black print/ lime green / pink / burgundy / dull green
...all v-necks, 3 long sleeves, elbow length sleeve and short sleeve.

Looking at the pink version, I still wanted to bring the shoulder point in some more and work on the wrinkles at the bust and underarm.

Burgundy was up next - I made a narrow shoulder adjustment and overshot the mark on the shoulder point by A LOT LOL.  I'm not too worried about it.  The day I did the pattern adjustments for this one, I was using sewing as a 'keep my mind off of things' activity.  To start, she's doing fine now, but a few weeks ago, my Mom had a grand mal seizure which is common with global alzheimers. I don't think it was her first one, although it had the most effect. She also has osteoporosis and the seizure ended up breaking her hip. She needed surgery to do a partial hip replacement with the only goal to be pain-free. Mom doesn't walk any more, of course, so it didn't need to be weight-bearing. Within 2 days of realizing the problem, she had her surgery - on a Saturday...evening ! Around here, that would be unheard of. Mom could have waited a long time in Montreal...I'm glad she was home.  Anyway, the next day we were still waiting for updates and I needed to keep busy. In hindsight, I should have stopped after all the adjustments were done and the new pattern traced but BEFORE I cut out the fabric :-)

The green one - what did I do ? hmm...moved the shoulder point out a bit - 1/2-inch, I think and lowered the armhole about 1-inch. The wrinkles are not all gone but they have noticeably shifted. The front hem is a bit high. I could probably add a bit more to the FBA, but all in all I could make this one up 'as is' and be happy.

Looking at the pictures, most of what catches my eye are problems with the fabric. This is a really loose, stretchy knit - comfy, but loose. Every single seam was sewn with wonder tape and basted with the walking foot before serging. It's really comfortable but I have a feeling it's not going to make it through too many washes before it's all out of shape.

A silly pic. Hubby was quick on the button LOL

I've joined Faye's 2013 Essential Top Sew-A-Long (linked in the sidebar) and have pulled out some of my top patterns. I think I want to play with a different pattern for a while.