Monday, November 28, 2011

4 and counting...

Red Spritz - done
Ribbon cookies - done
Candy Canes - done

...and, as of yesterday, Almond Balls - done

When I start this madness next year, would one of you PLEASE remind me to NOT make a quadruple batch of these ?! Please ?

For one, it took 6 hours from start to finish.
For two, there are 433 cookies in those boxes ! That's 36 dozen ! Actually that's not so bad - they'll all get eaten.

But even my 6qt KitchenAid had a hard time holding all that cookie dough LOL - you can't imagine the picture I must've made. One hand holding the plastic spill cover on and the other making sure no batter grew out of the bowl at the opening. Are you counting ? I've run out of available hands - had to call hubby to turn the mixer off :-)

What's next - green christmas tree spritz or eggnog cookies ? Decisions, decisions.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Next Round

Christmas baking is my one guarantee of posting regularly !

Yesterday I made a double batch of Candy Cane cookies and refrigerated the dough.

Tonight, this (one plain, one pink)

made 162 little balls...which became

162 little ropes...which became

6 full cookie sheets, and voila ! ...

Oh yeah, and that's only half !

The other half in the fridge should make another 6 dozen and I guess I'm going to need to make another batch since 12 dozen won't go far. We added 2 more people (& 2 more dogs) to the dinner party (Toronto's coming !) so that's another can of cookies and one more can which was in the back of my mind but I will definitely do as another gift.

I'm done - off to bed.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Update

For all I was pretty useless for the first 4 days of the week, I managed a fair bit since Thursday. It was my birthday weekend after all - it was all about the entertainment :-)

Thursday started with our department breakfast at work - ah we stuffed ourselves with bagels, cream cheese, bacon, bruschetta & crusty bread and mini cupcakes - 3 contributors makes for a pretty filling amount of food even if it all 'doesn't' go together !
This link is not exactly the recipe used but the pic is spot on - ours tasted as good as this one looks ! bruschetta

Friday afternoon, a friend and I went to see Breaking Dawn, pt 1 - lunch, movie, popcorn, all good. We both enjoyed the movie. Can't wait for pt 2 now.

I signed up for the Friday Night Sew In and did spend the evening in my sewing room. I decided to take a look at my coat. You know, the coat I started for the Coat Sewalong in 2008 ! So, I'd left it with one front and lapel padstitched, but hadn't done the other side. For quite some time I tried to figure out exactly HOW the padstitching was done. For the life of me, I couldn't see what I'd done on the first side. Checked out all the sites, blogs and links I'd used before and found a few new youtube videos that helped some. There was no sewing Friday night (it was all reading) but I did learn a lot. For one thing, the lapel was not padstitched well on the side I already did - it didn't curl hardly at all - I need to take it out and redo it, I think. This is the second side which I did this weekend - the main body front but not the lapel yet.

Next up - another batch of Christmas cookies are chilling in the fridge - they will become Candy Cane cookies in the next couple of evenings.

And my finished UFO for this weekend - I finished my Hermione's Everyday Socks on Aug 6 (yikes !) and they've been waiting for me to weave in the ends since then - jeez, it only took me 15 minutes - what the heck was I waiting for ?!

Oh and there was a break Saturday night for hubby to take me out for a birthday dinner. All in all a really good few days.

Hope you've all had a good weekend.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Attempt

Handmade by Heidi

Practically all I have to do is show up in order to do better than last time !

I'll check in tomorrow with the results.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baking for Moi

Festive no ? This is my contribution to our Departmental Birthday Breakfast today. We do this for each month we have birthdays to celebrate, and the food is provided by the birthday people. I share November with two others, one being my boss.

This year it just so happens that we're partying on my actual birthday - Happy Birthday to me !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A UFO Weekend

There are quite a few UFOs lying around, driving me crazy. No idea how many - some are in full view, some are hiding. Mostly they have an embarrassingly tiny amount of effort to complete. This weekend the plan was to finish some/any of them.

First up - a baby afghan made from a ball of yarn I inherited from my Mom's knitting bin when we cleaned out the house. She had a few of those 1-lb balls of acrylic as she habitually made baby blankets for a local group for new, poor, young mothers. There are no new babies due among my friends so this was made up to use the yarn and have a finished blanket ready to go when needed. Um, well I made this blanket last winter, early winter LOL and left it sitting on the coffee table in the basement. It was visible and driving me nuts, but I never finished it. What was left ? 4 ends to weave in ! Lord, I'm glad it's done !

Not long ago I showed a pic of my crumpled up, almost completed shawl. Well, the biggest time commitment this weekend was casting off. It took almost all day yesterday (off and on) and I cast off the last bit this morning. We went out for a few hours through the day and when we got home I soaked it for 20minutes in Eucalan and laid it out to dry. It's not pinned, so it may not count officially as blocking.

This is a close-up of the chevron pattern.
...and the full shawl. The alpaca was knit on such small needles that the fabric was very dense and it didn't grow as it may otherwise have done. I quite like it.

That's it for me - 2 FOs is still 2 FOs.

I wonder how many other UFOs I'd find if I dug around the sewing room ? There are at least 3 tees in varying stages of completion, a duvet cover, a skirt, a coat, a coat lining (technically a UFO as I took a lining out of a jacket, split up all the pattern pieces and prepped them to be used as pattern pieces, but still have to lay out, cut, sew and insert a new lining), there's also my knitting, the cardigan and another baby blanket (that one's 7 years old) - ohhh, I don't want to think about it !

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This pic was taken 14 years ago at our wedding. The four people on the right are my Mom, Dad and 2 of my siblings. The three on the left are from DH's side. His cousin is in the front and her husband, Jacques (left) and her Dad (right) are standing behind her. In the absence of his parents, Carole & Jacques stood up with Bob as his family. They are two of the most gentle souls I know and we love them dearly.

A week ago today, Jacques suffered a stroke and we spent some time on Sunday at the hospital. Things seemed a bit hopeful at the time but it was just too much and he left us early Thursday morning.

Rest in peace, Jacques, we love you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My evening in pictures...

'nuff said ? :-)