Sunday, October 11, 2009

PR Wardrobe - Tops #2 & #3

I'm off to New Brunswick again tomorrow...Mom took a fall and broke her hip...finally had surgery after 3 days of waiting. So far, all is ok. I think my sisters are probably ready for a break though, so I'm taking my knitting (Air Canada says needles are ok, we'll see) and spending the next 3-4 days sitting in the hospital.

But before I go, I have FINISHED OBJECTS to show !!!!!

The storyboard changed yet again...I made 2 BWOF 04-2009-112 tops instead of one.

Now, before you click on any of these pictures and scare yourself - in my defence, I'm sewing today in my comfy yoga pants and a VERY loose & oversized tee. The yoga pants do nothing to hold in the tummy !

I was in a rush to get these pics done and only had DH take one of each for me so I could do this post.

I made and reviewed this top before - this time I just changed up the necklines and the sleeve cuffs.

Since they're for the Wardrobe contest I did have to update my previous review. You can follow the link to the PR review on the sidebar.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PR Wardrobe - Revised Storyboard

Edit for Faye - For my first couple of storyboards I used 'Paint', this time I used Sigrid's Powerpoint Storyboard Tutorial - it worked great !

I've made a change already. Top #2 on the storyboard has been changed from a no-sleeve t-shirt (WHAT was I thinking ???) to a new version of 04-2009-112, same blue knit.

I made a straight 42 with a few changes. Raised the neck 1", lengthened the body 1-1/2", lengthened the sleeves 2" and did not add the cuffs.

It's a regular, plain t-shirt.

Almost done, I did the neck binding tonight. All that's left is the hemming (sleeves & hem). No pictures til the weekend.