Sunday, September 25, 2011


2 posts in 2 days...don't get too used to it - LOL

Payment for what ? Aha, well you might ask. I'm not sure exactly how it came about but this week, in a space of 24 hours, I became the new owner of...

Hubby has coffee every morning with a couple of the other drivers, so the guys know about my sewing machine collection (and apparently, my wish list LOL). One day this week, it somehow came about that one of J's regular customers had a treadle just sitting around (how THAT came up in conversation between a courier and a customer - I have NO idea !). J must have asked if he wanted to get rid of it after which he mentioned it to Hubby who told me I would be 'getting a treadle tomorrow'. oh, for free !

So, the next day, J went back to pick it up, transferred it from his truck to our van after work and it came home with us. It is a 1910, model 127. Shoot, that makes it 100 years old !!!!!

All it needs to work is a new belt and a new spring in the tension assembly. Of course, it needs a good cleaning and the cabinet also needs some TLC. A project for DH. You know, I'm starting to wonder if these machines are for me or for HIM ?! He is certainly enjoying the fixing up process.

My cost - a banana cake for J (and the rest of the morning coffee group !)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's a 15 !

I have GOT to stay away from flea markets/garage sales/kijiji/craigslist (and any other places I may have missed)

Last weekend, DH & I spent Saturday at a flea market. This market is open every weekend from Spring to Thanksgiving. Some of the vendors sell new stuff, but about a full third of the vendors are regular garage sale spaces - you can find ANYTHING if you don't mind digging through stuff. There are always a few things we have in mind 'if we see it' but generally it's just a good few hours walking around browsing. I've seen a lot of sewing machines the past few visits and haven't yet succumbed to the temptation of buying although I LOOK at them all :-)

What did I see this time ? A really, really ugly plastic case sitting on the ground behind the seller's table. Well, yes, I had to go see what it was. All closed up you'd never know it was a sewing machine unless you sewed and were looking closely.

I opened 'er up and swooned ! A 15 ! I'd been interested in one, but hadn't yet come across one. It was a bit dirty, but the handwheel moved well, there was a bobbin case and bobbin and only the straight foot. The lady said she wanted $20 but had no idea if it worked. Yeah, so we've learned that they pretty much ALL work after a good cleaning, oiling and new wiring and $20 seemed a good deal. I said yes, Hubby handed over the $$ and once we were at the car, he told me "if you hadn't taken it, I would have" LOL - anyone else see the signs of a monster in the making !

Here are a few pics of the new baby after Hubby did his thing - it cleaned up good.
We also checked out the serial number - Singer dates it to 1948.

The one thing left to do is get rid of the case - that thing's not hanging around for long!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI - follow-up

Well, the Friday Night Sew-In was pretty much a bust this time.

I sewed a seam - one seam, one wonky, crooked twin-needle seam - no pics !

Does it count that I actually spent time in the sewing room ?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In - my first

Handmade by Heidi

What WILL I get done ???...

Monday, September 12, 2011

It came, it came !

Bloggy friends are amazing !
I've been waiting for a Vogue sale forever (at least it seems like it). Not long ago Joann's had a .99 sale and I received an email asking if I wanted a V1250.

Today I got a present in the mail and it only took 6 days to cross the country and hop across the border :-)

...and just look at the cutie pie that traveled with the pattern.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go DAD !

Tuesday, I made bread - Dad watched.
Today, Dad made the bread & I just talked him through it.

Here are the fruits of his labours...

I got the first taste :-) It is exactly as it's supposed to be :-)

He did a good job.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It never works this well at home...

My sister has a great recipe for bread that she makes regularly (and perfectly !). I've tried it a few times and while it tastes good, it never rises particularly well and is heavy-ish.

My Dad has also tried it once, unsuccessfully. During my last few visits home, he has said he wants me to watch him make it and tell him what's wrong. Yeah, sis lives in the same city, it's her recipe, she makes it perfectly and he wants ME ? to show him ??? So since I'm visiting for a longer time this trip, we planned a day. Today.

In actuality, since I hadn't attempted it in a while, I made it and he watched. THIS is the finished product...

Don't they look fabulous ????!!!! So far, I'm happy :-)

Then 'someone' (not naming names 'DAD' LOL) couldn't wait for them to cool before tasting. So we cut off a few pieces. Here is the middle of the loaf shot...

OMG! I have NEVER made bread so light and fluffy. They were a hit.

And Dad ?
Well, we have another date before I leave on Friday for him to make a batch himself.