Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Ready for Vacation

8 1/2 working hours til vacation - yes, I'm counting hours LOL

We'll be in Toronto visiting friends and with a bit of planning ahead, Connie, Sue, Reethi and I have a girls' day (oh, yes - Fabric Shopping on Queen Street) scheduled for Thursday
I CAN'T WAIT - see you soon ladies !!!!!!!!

This is us - last year

I was going to write a 'real' post, but, you know, this pretty much sums it up !

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fair warning - giddy gloating to follow LOL

What a day ! BFF and I made plans to see HP7, part 2 today - in 3D no less. My whole life, I've had monocular vision. I only use one eye at a time. After an eye surgery 20 years ago, my Opthamologist told me I would develop binocular vision - I can now use both eyes but it takes concentration - this was the first time I could actually 'see' 3D. It was a GREAT finale !

No, that wasn't the gloating. We bought tickets for the 4pm showing and had the whole day to fill. Temps today went to above 30°C with high humidity - we decided indoors was best - the mall it was. I need tops so shopping was in order, if I found anything. Actually, I need everything...almost everything I own is too big.

Here it comes...

Since last October, I'm down 26lbs. For some reason, I figured I'd be 'maybe' down one size from a 12/14 to a 10.

We started in Sears. Picked up 2 tees to try on. Size ? BFF says 'try the small'. SMALL ? Say what ? I haven't tried on or bought anything smaller than a large or x-large in many, many years !

We wandered around the dress department picking a bunch (7) of size 10s - I was being VERY optimistic.

In the fitting room - the small tees both fit - the dresses were ALL too big, way too big. We went looking for size 8s. Found them all in an 8 plus a few others. Back to the fitting room with another armload. Aha, 2 fit. The others ? ALL too big. BFF went looking for 6s. Two of those went into the 'to buy' pile. In shock, I bought the 2 tees and 4 dresses in small, 6 and 8. OMG ! Normal is 12/14, remember.

Further down the mall, we passed a little boutique with more cute dresses outside (oh, it was sidewalk sale weekend). On the return trip back, the saleslady said the dress rack had been marked down a bit more since we had passed earlier. Between her and BFF they hustle me off to the fitting room picking up dresses on the way. More smalls and 6s ! No willpower, I bought 3 more.

I'm still a bit giddy - I KNOW the weight has come off but had no real idea how that translates to fitting clothes. For the first time, I own more than 2 dresses at once and they all fit to skim the body. It's going to take some getting used to, to wear clothes that are not baggy.

Wanna see ?

From left to right - coral/brown cotton w/belt, 3 poly/spandex knits all with wrap top and some type of ruching at waist, cotton knit tee dress (for the house only !), green/blue cotton/spandex sheath, brown/black poly/spandex knit w/cowl, 3/4 sleeves and belt (will be good for fall)

OK - gloating's done - and now,unless I want to go through this again in September, I need to get sewing ! I'll need fall/winter clothes too :-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th !

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends !!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A quiet week

My 10 days of possibilities turned into 10 days of 'do whatever'.

I spent some time painting :-)

Lots of walking and I managed to get the bike out 3 times - think I'll try for 3x per week as much as I can - all this exercise was great for stress relief.

A bit of baking...
Hubby's coworkers were happy to see some of this cake show up at work the next day.

I tried a recipe for an oatmeal bread that was a complete bust - it didn't rise and it tasted icky - it hit the garbage before it even cooled off.

What else ? ah, time sitting on the deck and reading - the weather cooperated pretty well all week so there was deck time every day - lazy, lazy, lazy

No real sewing - I played with the narrow hem foot on my Singer 99, it was fiddly but not too bad. It makes a pretty cool hem. I traced Kwik Sew 3299 - I promised DH t-shirts ages ago and he's still waiting.

No gardening either - well, not entirely true, I spent a couple hours today with a friend redoing one of HER beds ! Mine weren't touched all week.

All in all it was the stress busting week I wanted. This was a familiar sight all week...what a life, eh ?

Tomorrow - back to real life.

Friday, July 1, 2011