Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brain is mush !

You know the embroidered green linen I wanted ?

Well, I went back to pick some up and guess what ??? It's stretch cotton !

It doesn't feel at all like linen, it's definitely stretchy and on top of it all , the bolt was labeled correctly - My brain must turn to mush when I go in a fabric store LOL

I also picked up a lighthweight polyester that should make a nice pair of summer pants and probably a skirt as well.

I got 3 yards of each.

Will post pics once the camera batteries are recharged and I'm going to need advice. Because now it's cotton and not linen, I don't know what to do with it !

Sunday, May 2, 2010

No willpower, and so...

I posted not long ago that my local Fabricville is closing. In response to the comments, I must admit this is not my only Fabricville - only the closest to me. I don't lose all my fabric shopping, just the convenience of having one within 3km of my house.

Anyway, I was trying to exert some willpower and avoid the closing sale. I failed (and there's still 2 months to go).

Today, I was at the door with pattern list in hand, about 10 minutes after opening.

4 McCalls patterns @ $2.99 each (no, that wasn't my whole list LOL)

L. to R. - M5591/M5847/M6035/M6076

And, as I've said before, it's darn near impossible to NOT look at the fabric. There were a couple of displays of 3/1 but nothing on them that I HAD to have. Everything else was marked at 50% off.

There is a green (kind of lime green more than grass green) embroidered linen that jumped out at me as well as the cotton pictured below. They were both marked 50% so I just chose one (aha, there was willpower after all LOL !)

When I got to the cutting table, the girl said it was 3/1 - awesome. So, 3 meters of 115cm fabric for $8.99. It will become a skirt, M5591, above.

Now, it IS only 115cm wide and was displayed with the quilting cottons, but I don't know. It is very similar to the cotton sateens elsewhere in the store although they are wider. The feel is about the same and it has a shiny look to it. It really doesn't look or feel like a quilting cotton - but it IS pretty, no ?

I think I need to go see if there is still some of the green linen left.