Friday, March 25, 2011


There's a new gadget just added to my blog. Hoping to keep myself on-track and motivated :). A treadmill walking program I started in October had the added benefit of taking off 8 lbs !

A few weeks ago, I found an APP for counting calories. I downloaded it and found out that based on the data and goals you input, it would track calories, exercise and weightloss. It calculated my calorie count for my weightloss goal and I've managed to be consistent with entering everything I eat and any exercise time. 4 weeks later, as of this morning, I'm down another 9 lbs - Right now, I'm pretty motivated and while he's not giving up any of HIS goodies :-) DH is very supportive of my choices and my attempt at portion control. Surprisingly, some things were unexpected...I don't mind whole wheat bread after all and most measured portions were either just about or much more than my usual amounts so I actually don't feel like I have to eat less at my meals - just keeping an eye on my calorie count overall (and choosing different snacks !) is making all the difference.

My sewing will take some rethinking now. It has gotten warmer here in the last week or so and I've started wearing my skirts. In the last 7 work days I've worn 3 skirts that I've made and they're all too big - one of those was uncomfortable snug and it was LOOSE **happy dance** and yesterday I wore my pants BWOF 04-09-119 you know, the ones I couldn't sit down in after they were made LOL - now...THEY FIT !!!!!

These are my 'walking home' shoes, I wore real shoes at work, promise :-)
I lightened up the pics to show more detail.
I know the hems are even so maybe I'm standing funny - the back shot shows wrinkles in the left leg that weren't there before - at least I don't think they were. The close up of the seam shows it's pretty straight. They were really comfortable and I think I'm going to try another pair.

My 'planned' weekend sewing plans have fallen through - my SIL has exams for 3 days next week and will spend her weekend studying instead of sewing. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Definitely something, but exactly what, we'll see on Sunday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I learned something new

...and finally conquered those pesky elastics ! This weekend I worked on the baby stuff. I got 3 crib sheets and 2 more receiving blankets done. I had decided not to do burp cloths but there was so much flannel left over that I made some after all - 8 in total. They're sewed up, one side printed flannel, one side white and turned RS out. They need to be pressed and I think I'll stitch around the outer edge with the same decorative stitches that I used for the receiving blankets. I'd like to have them all done tomorrow, but in reality, will probably only get a couple done each night this week. As soon as everything is done, I'll post a pic.

My SIL is supposed to come visit this weekend and I want her to take these home with her, they're all for her daughter. I haven't heard anything about the blankets that were ready for her shower, so I'm still flying blind as to whether she liked them or not. Oh, well.

SIL's visit this weekend is for Sewing ! She had asked me to help her with the things she wanted to make for her daughter and I agreed. I do have an extra machine or 5, after all LOL ! Anyway, after she bought her fabric we were talking and she mentioned the fleece. FLEECE !? what fleece ??? Oh, oh, I'm supposed to help her with fleece ? My one attempt at sewing fleece was a worse failure than my first attempts at attaching the darn elastic to the sheets !

Oh, I did finish knitting my string bag last Monday. I guess I need a pic of that too. It feels pretty good to finish a UFO :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It was all about colour

It was a draining 7-8 weeks at work and most weekends we had something or other to do. This weekend I didn't want to DO anything ! I wanted to sleep til I woke up and just do whatever I felt like. Well, today I did laundry and that was the only household chore I accomplished all weekend - no groceries, no cooking, nada.

Yesterday, I woke up at 4am and surprise, surprise I was actually awake and rested. There were hours of recorded shows on the PVR that needed to be cleaned up, including about 4 weeks of Coronation Street - yes, I'm addicted to 'Corrie' - my one and only soap. I grabbed my knitting bag and the remote and started playing episode after episode (8 total) while finishing up my latest pair of socks - SFFTU #8 Ribbed Ribbons socks.

First color of the day - lilac

Knit Picks Stroll - Twinkle Heather (mauve/lilac)
Purchased online December 12, 2010
2.5 mm needle
CO Jan 10, 2011
JMCO 13 st each toe
inc to 66 st for foot
inc to 57 st at end of gusset
slip stitch under heel
eye of partridge heel (thanks g !)
leg knit at 68 st
CO JSSBO Mar 12, 2011

At 8am my day really got started, DH was up and made breakfast (I HAVE previously admitted to being spoiled *smile*)

Then I decided that since I hadn't painted my toes all winter, it was time. I don't do a great job, but who can tell that far down LOL !
Color #2 - deep green

BFF made an app't for us to have haircuts next weekend. Well, my ever-so-helpful DH has mentioned that my roots 'glow in the dark' and I like to have my color done before I get a cut. I grabbed a box from the cupboard and he was pressed into service. He has been doing my color for years, does a great job and for now I do NOT glow in the dark !
Color #3 - burgundy-ish, purple...oops, no pic

Rather than cast on another pair of socks right away, I found my string bag that I'd started way back in Sep 2998 hello? 2008 - I had done the bag up to starting the shaping for the strap and put it's on my UFO list, but it was in a drawer, out of sight, out of mind. It's not yet completely finished but it should be done tomorrow.

Sometime Saturday afternoon, I decided my nails should also be done. No pedi without a mani ! In the summer generally all my nails match, or at least coordinate - in the winter, not so much...Color #4 - purple

Color #5 White - we had snow at the beginning of last week, right before we got LOTS of rain to wash it all away. After work Monday, I let the dogs out back and looked up. That snow is hanging off of the roof way more than a foot past the edge of the roof line.

and the garage - that one's a 2-foot drop !

After mild temps the rest of the week, the roof is almost completely clear. We still have a long way to go, the snow piles will hang around for a while yet, but it's nice to think we got 30 or more cm of snow and 5-6 days later, it is noticeably less. Spring is coming :-)

I had my restful weekend - back to the grind tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend !!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sewing - and knowing when enough is enough

Hmmm - I may have said recently that I had some baby sewing to do - DH's niece is due to be the mommy of a bouncing baby boy soon and in January I said I'd make some crib sheets and receiving blankets for her shower.

Her shower was Feb 26 - I managed to hem around the edges of 3 ! receiving blankets !
4 blankets and 4 crib sheets were in progress and yet that's all I got done. bad, bad Auntie :-(

Anyway, part of the problem is attaching the elastic to the sheets. It shouldn't be a difficult task - but it's killing me. I have a serger WITH and elastic attachment foot and multiple ZZ machines. Testing numerous times with every combination of machines and feet proved completely unsuccessful. It's definitely me and it's completely humbling to admit that for this simple task, I dug through my instruction books and on the Net for help. The instructions are understandable, it's the actual technique of doing that I'm having trouble with.

These NEED to get done and so I did a bit of sewing this weekend. I finished the 4th receiving blanket with a very pretty decorative stitch. I serged the raw edges of 2 of the sheets in preparation for the elastic.

The flannel is not quite wide enough and I've compensated by adding a lengthwise strip down one side of each sheet - didn't want to do this, but the seam probably won't show as it is just the amount needed for the sheet to tuck under the sides of the mattress.

I didn't do this on my first sheet and no way would it be wide enough so last night I undid 2 of the serged ends and added the required strip. No problem with this.

Except then I realized the darn thing was practically going to turn into a patchwork quilt because I needed to add a bit to 2 other short ends as well - thank goodness this is no longer going to be a wrapped gift !!!

DH asked if I wanted to watch a movie last night - I wasn't quite finished in the sewing room so I quickly (see the problem in the phrasing here ?) ran the 2 short pieces through the serger onto the sheet. Yup, they're both wrong - one is misplaced and the other is RS to WS. Actually, my mind in the light of day is telling me I misplaced the second one as well, but I can't check til I get home. In the meantime, everything is wadded up, in a pile on my ironing board where I left them in disgust....but I enjoyed the movie ! LOL

NO PICS of stupidity - only once everything is done.

Oh and there are still no elastics attached yet - if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears. I'm trying to gather the elastic to about 50% but just can't get the hang of starting the stitching then stretching the elastic but not the fabric - I suspect it's just practice.