Saturday, March 31, 2012

Venus & Jupiter

I'd been hearing about Venus and Jupiter being visible in the night sky recently but hadn't actually seen them. Tonight I went out and there they were.
I grabbed the camera and DH (I couldn't get a darned picture without help, 'point and shoot' just wasn't working LOL)

Anyway, this is what he took for me...If I'm not mistaken they're on the right side of the pics. Venus is the bright one on top and Jupiter is below just to the right. In two of the pics you can also see Orion's Belt to the left of and hiding behind the tree. Isn't the sky amazing ?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring !

It's the first day of Spring and we're confused !

This morning it was 5°C and it is supposed to rise to 23°C for the high this afternoon. So, it is 'one of those days' - what on earth do you wear ?!
  • Winter coats - yep, saw 'em 
  • Heavy sweaters - yep, saw these too
  • Spring skirts with tights - yep, a couple of these
  • Spring skirts with bare legs and open toed shoes - oh yeah
    (yes, really ! Actually saw this yesterday, too. There are braver people than me out there !)
Me ? DH drives me to work - I'm in jeans, tee and light cardigan but left the coat home. I do walk at the end of the day to meet him though, so I'm REALLY hoping that 23° shows up

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simplicity Sale

Finally - something to talk about :-)

My local fabric shop has pattern sales in their monthly flyer for March. This week Tues-Thurs it's Simplicity at 5 for $5. Vogue at $5.99 is coming up soon.

My pattern wishlist at the moment is ONE pattern V8774 - I want to try these jeans. So, a wishlist of one pattern of a brand not on sale for 2 more weeks - and what happened ???

I spent last night browsing simplicity patterns and their reviews, ending up with a list of 6. One (S4076) probably discontinued and 2 others in the newly released section. Local shop does not usually have any new patterns available for their sales. It's kind of a pain, but it is what it is. So I had a list of 'maybe' 3 patterns and needing 5 for the sale (5/$5 is NOT $1 per pattern, you need to buy the 5).

10 jumped into my bag ! What was I to do ?

Pic 1 includes all from the wishlist - on either end, 1882, the Amazing Fit dress and 2860, Amazing Fit pants were the 2 I wanted most.

Pic 2 was the effect of deciding to browse the book, just in case LOL

Um, so now I really need to sew something, you think ?