Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Collecting...

I had time to kill yesterday. In my world, that means 'Fabricville' . I CAN browse without buying, really I can ! :-)

But not yesterday LOL.

The sale, ending yesterday, was 4-season, 100% wools for $2.99/meter. They were all marked at least $12.99 regular price !

My collection has wools...mostly heavier weights. The 2 pieces I picked up are lighter - suitweight/pantweight.

1st up - 6 meters - black wool - the weave is a tone-on-tone narrow pinstripe. I think you can see it in the picture. Couldn't get an accurate picture, we all know how hard it is to photograph black.

Next up - 5 meters - black pinstripe - this looked navy in the store & I carried it around with me to make sure it wasn't snapped up. It is a Super 120 wool & I've NEVER seen this in Fabricville. If they carry it regularly, they hide it :-). This morning when I took them out to prep them (and to take the requisite pics), I noticed it's actually black - that's ok, it's still a basic.

I think I done good - I 'should' be able to get 5 pairs of pants (worst case, 4 pairs) from what was less than $40 !

NOW - everyone cross their fingers.

A couple of days ago I read this post from Pam of Off the Cuff - Sewing Style. Her preshrinking wool routine consisting of steam drying your yardage with a couple of hot towels on hot heat is about the easiest and shortest method I've seen so far. So, with confidence in all of Pam's experience, both of these pieces were carefully measured and put in the dryer. It buzzed about 2 minutes ago and I have to go lay them out to fully dry. If this works for me, I see a few dryer loads of wool in my upcoming week.

Quick update - they still look and feel the same. They are laying out cooling and in a while I'll remeasure. BTW - I may be in the minority but I LOVE the smell of wool ! :-)


  1. Great buys!
    I haven't been to Fabricville in so long :( All the new fabrics must be out by now.
    I really should go soon.

  2. They look like a great deal! I don't wear much in the way of wool, because I hate going to the dry cleaners, but I do love wool nonetheless. Getting the new fabric is in some ways more fun than finishing the garment, because it still has endless potential! I'm still staring at most of my pieces from last weekend, and dreaming of their eventual uses.

  3. Ann - there were quite a few new items yesterday. I even saw rayon, jersey and challis. Don't see rayon often.

    Marjie - With all the bloggers who've promoted the use of Euclan, I've decided to go ahead with a few wool garments and see how the Euclan works. So far, I've used it only for prewashing and it seems fine. And, I agree about the possibilities. Even though these are earmarked for pant, the decision becomes - which pattern ?


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