Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Progress - The 3-month socks

Yes, they're finished. The socks I started way back in October are finally done ! The time frame of course, had nothing to do with the difficulty of the pattern. They were actually quite easy. But, instead of being a main on-the-go project, they became a filler project. No sooner did I get them started than I put them down to do the afghan for my colleague, then I was in the midst of Christmas baking and then December was practically over. Since we were away over Christmas, I got quite a bit done but it took 3 weeks of picking up and putting down to get them off the needles :-)

On the plus side, I finished them Friday and wore them yesterday. They are the favorite pair so far ! They fit perfectly !

I must learn to keep an eye out when DH is wandering around with the camera, pictures of me are not improved by virtue of them being 'candid shots' - I was talking to him but not looking at him LOL ...

And that is how I knit, one furry creature (Skippy) flaked out beside me with his head hanging off the couch and the other (Alex) curled up in the afghan. They just need to be next to Mommy, I guess. Looking at them, you'd think they'd had an exhausting day wouldn't you - they certainly have a hard life !

And...the finished socks. Not on me though, this was a quick pic the minute I finished weaving in the ends. It was late, I went right to bed and the next morning when I put them on, I FORGOT to take another one. Must've been still sleeping.

Once the socks were done, I moved on to the Bristow Cardigan. I needed to split the fronts from the back, add a ball of yarn for each section and it's been waiting since Christmas.

All split now (still on one circular needle) and the armhole decreases are almost done. It's no longer a portable project. With 3 balls on the go, I don't want to deal with tangles so it sits on the coffee table and when I work on it, I turn from front to back VERY carefully. This was the best pic I could get. It wasn't laid out 'just so' so it's looking pretty wonky at the moment.

What else did I do ? I have yarn to make a winter hat. It is January after all and our -30C weather is coming. I even have a pattern picked out and it was scheduled in the queue (sp?) right after the socks were done. Here is the cast on....

Yup - 'nuther pair of socks - I'll get to the hat ... one of these days LOL :-)


  1. I haven't knitted socks on the big loopy type needles. I'm still on double points. I'll have to try the other method one day.

  2. Hi Claire, I like your socks ,especially the colour and your pets aren't bad either. Mine are cats and they love to be around when I sew.

  3. Our pets sure do enjoy being close to us, no matter what we are doing, I love that about them :)

    Your socks look great and the color is pretty neat!

  4. Your socks look fabulous! I love the Kroy self-patterning yarns. g

  5. The socks are pretty, and that cardigan is going to be wonderful! And of course your pups have to be right at hand. What if you have some food that miraculously appears and needs to be eaten fast?


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