Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bra Fitting

Extremely busy at work this week so again I didn't get any sewing done in the evenings. I'd planned to do some this weekend but what seems to be a bout of sciatica has hit and the discomfort is enough to keep me mostly on the couch - nothing quite like sitting on an ice pack huh ? LOL

If I can stand long enough tomorrow to hem my skirt, there will be a pic to post. Let's hope.

Today's post is not about sewing but it IS sewing related.

I HATE wearing a bra ! & I'm sure I'm not alone. I have never owned a comfortable bra that I could put on and not fuss with all day. Back rides up, straps fall down, you know, you spend all day fidgeting trying to get everything back in place. Aggravation to the 'nth' degree. Yuck.

A few months ago, DH & I were in our local mall and noticed a small lin gerie boutique. I took a peek in and the sales lady said they do fittings. Since then I intended to go but never went in. Now, I need a couple of new bras.

Last weekend I went into Walmart and picked up a $7 special. It's my usual size but really not more comfortable than any others I've owned. Yesterday afternoon, I went to the mall looking for another bra and ended up back in this little shop. When the sales girl asked me if she could help me, I said 'yes' rather than my standard 'no thanks, just looking'. She asked if I'd been fitted there before and I figured 'oh, well, might as well' - I'll admit, I was feeling a bit embarrassed about it. :-)

Her 1st question - what size are you wearing - 36C and I figured it was too big

Um, no. Out comes the tape measure and she says ... 32 and probably at least DD - say what ??? I don't think so !!! My mom only passed out the boob genes to my eldest sister - the other 3 of us got left behind, waaayy behind - or so I thought. LOL

Anyway, back she comes with a 32DD - nope. I figure we're going back up to a 34 at least. NO ! next one - 32E - I'm now pretty much freaking out. It didn't fit either ! Now she explains where the underwire is supposed to sit in order to cup everything. We're still not there yet. Next up ? 32F - O.M.G. it's snug, well, tight, but it's sooooo comfortable. She assured me that it is supposed to be this snug and it WILL loosen up over time.

After all that (I must've tried on a dozen bras) I narrowed my choices down to three. The ones at home were never going to be worn again, so I needed a couple - got talked into the matching underwear - and left with a new bag of goodies, feeling pretty amazed. I guess mom passed me a few more of those genes than I thought :-).

The goodies ?...

Yes, there's a bra missing, I'm wearing it and the Internet is NOT getting a picture of that !
I also just realized I'm not stocked up yet - I can't wear black and red under my light colored tops. Gonna have to go get a white one. More shopping, what a shame.

And the sewing part of the post - I'm going to have to learn how to do an FBA ... LOL


  1. LOL! Don't feel bad. I had the same type of experience :) It's amazing how much better you feel while wearing the correct size bra.

  2. Yup!! I thought I wear a 40A- and I wear a 38C ;)
    ENJOY your new bras & new sense of femininity!! ;)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  3. Yep. Same thing for me. HATED bras. None were comfortable. Could not wait to take them off. They always say if it fits properly you aren't even aware it's there. Finally got properly fitted, down a band size, up a cup size. Yes it seemed tight at first but you know what? Most comfortable thing I have ever worn!

  4. You are lucky to find a store that has your true size in stock!
    Would you mind sharing the brand names of those beautiful garments? (I don't mean for any advertising plug -- just for information on what other people might be looking to purchase)

  5. I might need to do the same thing! Smaller band size - I think not - there is already "fluff" falling all over, but - who knows.

    Lovely fun new underpinnings. Enjoy - and yes you will need some "flesh colored" items. g

  6. Yabba yabba - ain't it great to discover one's fabulous figure?!

  7. Don't feel bad Claire. I use to be a tiny little thing and now at 62,I wear a 36DD but I probably should be in a 34 E because my bras ride up in the back. I've decided. I'm going to get fitted.Thanks.

  8. Turns out my 34D needed to be 32E. It's a strange thing, and I don't know how many of us suffer the same problem. I'm so glad you got it sorted out!

  9. I always hear stories like this and think maybe there is hope for me....but it's pretty clear that I am a AA. Oh well.

    So glad that you found comfortable bras!

  10. Now you need to join the Lingerie Sew Along! Sigrid's leading us, and the bra-making will be addictive now that you know your correct size and how they're really supposed to fit. Isn't that a revelation?

  11. Were you in Changes? They sure do fit differently but they are good bras.

  12. Would suggest a bra in a colour close to your skintone to wear under pale tops. It is less obvious than a white bra.


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