Sunday, July 18, 2010

From UFO to FO - Part I - Socks

Did you know that you really can't knit while laying flat on your back ? Well, I can't anyway.

Thursday morning a really nasty pain hit my lower back - I went in to the clinic thinking it was a kidney infection but it turns out that it's 'something' muscular. 'Something' ? what the heck does that tell me ? I either managed to sprain my back while typing (very strenuous typing !) or it is a muscle spasm...if the pain was in my leg well, then it would be a herniated disc. Lots of possibilities will the same treatment, lay still, ice 4x per day and meds for 7 days that put me to sleep - after which I would need physio if it's not gone by then. About an hour after seeing the Dr. it was in my leg and by late afternoon it was all the way below my knees. hmmm, herniated disc ? maybe.

I called the physio clinic where I go for my regular massage treatments and they made me a physio app't for Tuesday - better than waiting a week to see if the pain was still there and THEN calling for an app't ! In the meantime, I've been pretty sleepy from the muscle relaxants. Today is the first day that I have any comfortable movement - not painfree by any means, but less.

I'm able to sit up for a little while at a time and decided I'd better get some things done. 3 of those things being the 2 pairs of socks and the dress each with only a bit left to do to finish.

The socks were first on the list. The Skew socks have been sitting on the coffee table for almost 6 weeks laughing at me. I finally wove in the ends !

My stats -
Supersocke 100, colorway 1214
Purchased at Romni Wools in Toronto, Aug 2009
2.75mm needle
Magic Loop
Judy's magic cast on (my first attempt at this that it actually worked !)
Jeny's surprisingly stretcy bind off (love, love this bind off !)

Pretty pink diagonal stripes...

...and, the heels

2nd pair - SFTTU #4 - Tic-Tac-Toe-UP Socks

I made quite the boo-boo on this pair. I was making the size medium, but when I started increasing for the gusset I forgot to check the number of stitches and kept going till there were enough stitches to make the heel in the large size - there was no way I was undoing these in this dark yarn so I kept going and crossed my fingers. After all, the heel is not 'really' that much too big, the foot is a tad too long, but I can live with it. So far all my socks have tightened up in the wash, I'll just hope these do the same.

My stats -
Patons, Kroy, colorway Gentry Grey
Purchased at Michael's in Saint John, Dec 2008 (my very first sock yarn purchase)
2.75mm needle
Magic Loop
Judy's magic cast on
Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off

Part II - the dress...coming soon


  1. yay for finishing the skew socks! they look terrific.

  2. Ow! I maintain that I need to break my leg so that I can get caught up with organizing patterns and photos, but I suspect that I would be irritated and bored in about 5 minutes! Hope your back feels better soon. Cute socks!
    Oh and the thread that I picked up (and Lynelle too) works like a charm!

  3. Those are some beautiful pairs of socks! Good luck with the back pain; I had a herniated disk removed in January, but I was in agony for 5 months before it got done.

  4. Claire,I hope you feel better soon. Love those socks. So cool.

  5. Your socks are lovely. sorry your back isn't behaving - it's never easy when the body disobeys. Feel better soon. g

  6. I admire anyone who can knit socks. I have started my first pair of crocheted as far as turning the heel and proceeded to lose the danged booklet. Oh, well, the partially finished sock and yarn are in a baggie for when it shows up.
    BTW, I love your doggies! I have a chihuahua who looks a lot like yours. His name is Shadow Dante. He is 'in love' with our neighbors' pom, Roxie. I have heard of chi-poms, but frankly, I think they'd be really ugly dogs, LOL! Unless cute genes are dominant, in which case the adorable rating would go off the scale.
    Not that we'll ever know, since we have no intention of mating them!
    BTW, I sure hope your back is better now. I have chronic back pain so believe me, I empathize! If only we could train our warm doggies to lie on those sore spots, huh?


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