Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From UFO to FO - Part II - the Dress (Finally !)

It it now Thursday, I posted this last night and this morning, checked to find that pretty much all of the text was gone. So I try again.

Wow - 3 posts in as many days - must be a record for me LOL

My first post on my Marjie/GMarie sewalong lace/PR Weekend Cocktail/Niece's wedding dress was way back on July 7. Since then I finally finished the dress - before Aug 1 actually - that's quick for me LOL.

The full review is on PR (but for some reason, I just cannot get the link to work)

I've worn this dress and while I was happy with it after the fitting process, I see so many things wrong now. The 2 worst to me are the bust seam is too high and those folds at the back shoulders. The folds may be a normal feature of cut-on sleeves but I don't know. If I could fix those two things, I'd be pretty happy with it.

Oh, and don't look at that 'not invisible', invisible zipper ! I looked and looked for a matching zipper forever. At some point it was suggested to get one in cream and paint the pull with nail polish - Yeh, I won't actually ever recommend this to anyone. Blech. Anyway, days after the zip was in you'll NEVER guess what happened. Yup, found an orange invisible zip that matched just about perfectly. Murphy just loves me :-(

DH took a few pics. Sorry for the horribly squinty eyes - it was a VERY sunny morning !
All of the lines are shadows - it was impossible to get a clear pic.

The shoulder folds and that wonderful zipper !

I kind of like this one.


  1. That dress came out well! I love the embroidered border used as the hem.

    I've made dresses with cut on sleeves, and they always have funky wrinkles. I guess it's because you can never just get rid of all the excess fabric that we just accept as being gone when we make set in sleeves. that color is great on you, too.

    I'm finishing up a pink dress from that Daisy Lace pattern (hopefully for my birthday in less than 2 weeks). Of course, I've been finishing it up for about 3 weeks. I think the warm weather fabric just isn't thrilling me now!

  2. What a pretty, border print, and beautiful color! That color belongs to you!

  3. Love that color! I think the folds are just a function of the sleeve needing enough ease to, ya know, move your arms. My dress of the same pattern has the same folds.


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