Sunday, March 20, 2011

I learned something new

...and finally conquered those pesky elastics ! This weekend I worked on the baby stuff. I got 3 crib sheets and 2 more receiving blankets done. I had decided not to do burp cloths but there was so much flannel left over that I made some after all - 8 in total. They're sewed up, one side printed flannel, one side white and turned RS out. They need to be pressed and I think I'll stitch around the outer edge with the same decorative stitches that I used for the receiving blankets. I'd like to have them all done tomorrow, but in reality, will probably only get a couple done each night this week. As soon as everything is done, I'll post a pic.

My SIL is supposed to come visit this weekend and I want her to take these home with her, they're all for her daughter. I haven't heard anything about the blankets that were ready for her shower, so I'm still flying blind as to whether she liked them or not. Oh, well.

SIL's visit this weekend is for Sewing ! She had asked me to help her with the things she wanted to make for her daughter and I agreed. I do have an extra machine or 5, after all LOL ! Anyway, after she bought her fabric we were talking and she mentioned the fleece. FLEECE !? what fleece ??? Oh, oh, I'm supposed to help her with fleece ? My one attempt at sewing fleece was a worse failure than my first attempts at attaching the darn elastic to the sheets !

Oh, I did finish knitting my string bag last Monday. I guess I need a pic of that too. It feels pretty good to finish a UFO :-)

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  1. Hi, Claire!!
    What do you'all want to make with fleece??
    Warm greetings,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)


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