Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fair warning - giddy gloating to follow LOL

What a day ! BFF and I made plans to see HP7, part 2 today - in 3D no less. My whole life, I've had monocular vision. I only use one eye at a time. After an eye surgery 20 years ago, my Opthamologist told me I would develop binocular vision - I can now use both eyes but it takes concentration - this was the first time I could actually 'see' 3D. It was a GREAT finale !

No, that wasn't the gloating. We bought tickets for the 4pm showing and had the whole day to fill. Temps today went to above 30°C with high humidity - we decided indoors was best - the mall it was. I need tops so shopping was in order, if I found anything. Actually, I need everything...almost everything I own is too big.

Here it comes...

Since last October, I'm down 26lbs. For some reason, I figured I'd be 'maybe' down one size from a 12/14 to a 10.

We started in Sears. Picked up 2 tees to try on. Size ? BFF says 'try the small'. SMALL ? Say what ? I haven't tried on or bought anything smaller than a large or x-large in many, many years !

We wandered around the dress department picking a bunch (7) of size 10s - I was being VERY optimistic.

In the fitting room - the small tees both fit - the dresses were ALL too big, way too big. We went looking for size 8s. Found them all in an 8 plus a few others. Back to the fitting room with another armload. Aha, 2 fit. The others ? ALL too big. BFF went looking for 6s. Two of those went into the 'to buy' pile. In shock, I bought the 2 tees and 4 dresses in small, 6 and 8. OMG ! Normal is 12/14, remember.

Further down the mall, we passed a little boutique with more cute dresses outside (oh, it was sidewalk sale weekend). On the return trip back, the saleslady said the dress rack had been marked down a bit more since we had passed earlier. Between her and BFF they hustle me off to the fitting room picking up dresses on the way. More smalls and 6s ! No willpower, I bought 3 more.

I'm still a bit giddy - I KNOW the weight has come off but had no real idea how that translates to fitting clothes. For the first time, I own more than 2 dresses at once and they all fit to skim the body. It's going to take some getting used to, to wear clothes that are not baggy.

Wanna see ?

From left to right - coral/brown cotton w/belt, 3 poly/spandex knits all with wrap top and some type of ruching at waist, cotton knit tee dress (for the house only !), green/blue cotton/spandex sheath, brown/black poly/spandex knit w/cowl, 3/4 sleeves and belt (will be good for fall)

OK - gloating's done - and now,unless I want to go through this again in September, I need to get sewing ! I'll need fall/winter clothes too :-)


  1. Feel free to gloat away, it takes a lot of work and dedication to lose 4 dress sizes, well done. Lovely colourful haul of dresses, now you have to get used to making smaller ones too!

  2. Where are the "Applause" and "Whistle" buttons?? ;D
    Gooooo, Claire!!

  3. That is AWESOME! I remember how I felt the first time I put on a pair of size 10 pants. I was all like, those aren't MY legs.... are they? Congrats to you. You should be jumping up and down and feeling fantastic. Good job!

  4. Good for you! It's always nice to see hard work pay off.

  5. Well, congratulations on so many levels. For your eye sight, #1. Extroidinary! Your weight loss--good for you. And for new dresses! All good gifts to yourself.

  6. Congratulations! This is very exciting and such a great way to celebrate your weight loss..... you found some beautiful garments!
    My daughter and I did the same on Saturday and we found some great pieces too! a very successful and fun shopping day for all :))))

  7. Oh what fun! I am loving your new clothes--so colorful. Congratulations on the new size!

  8. Congratulations. Love the dresses. I know the look dynamite on you.

  9. Very cool! So great to lose weight under healthy circumstances! Takes a lot longer to really "see" the change for yourself, and pick up a size 6 or 8 in the store!

  10. Thats fabulous, you must share your secrets! Looking forward to seeing you in Aug! Sue

  11. OOOOHHHH!!!! Pretty! Congrats on the wonderful weight loss!

    (And I didn't think you'd forgotten me. We all have things to do in real life.)


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