Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SFTTU #9 - Hearts & Flowers

No sewing going on, so I've got to use knitting for my posts. I remembered I finished a couple pairs of socks in the spring & early summer and never posted them. The first pair is the next in my Socks from the Toe Up project - Hearts & Flowers.

Knit Picks Gloss Fingering - Burgundy
Purchased online December 12, 2010
2.5 mm needle
CO May 12, 2011
JMCO 12 st each toe
inc to 64 st for foot
inc to 57 st at end of gusset
slip stitch heel
CO JSSBO Jul 3, 2011

Many tears here last week. Our 'other' kiddies visited us for a week while their daddies were away. Below are Lester, Sophie, my Alex and Kalani. On the day our friends returned, Sophie's right eye was in a bad state and they were faced with the most difficult decision doggy parents have to make. We're gonna miss you Soph girl.


  1. It is difficult when we have to let go of our fur children. Sad. Love your socks. That's the yarn I'm going to use for the Kate shawl. Probably red. I want some bright yellow socks, just because they would brighten up a cold, bleak winter day!

  2. So sorry for your friend's loss. Your socks are beautiful however. g

  3. Your socks are nice, and made all the better by your modeling friends.

    And I'm sorry for the loss of your friend's pup. I know how that hurts.


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