Sunday, November 13, 2011

A UFO Weekend

There are quite a few UFOs lying around, driving me crazy. No idea how many - some are in full view, some are hiding. Mostly they have an embarrassingly tiny amount of effort to complete. This weekend the plan was to finish some/any of them.

First up - a baby afghan made from a ball of yarn I inherited from my Mom's knitting bin when we cleaned out the house. She had a few of those 1-lb balls of acrylic as she habitually made baby blankets for a local group for new, poor, young mothers. There are no new babies due among my friends so this was made up to use the yarn and have a finished blanket ready to go when needed. Um, well I made this blanket last winter, early winter LOL and left it sitting on the coffee table in the basement. It was visible and driving me nuts, but I never finished it. What was left ? 4 ends to weave in ! Lord, I'm glad it's done !

Not long ago I showed a pic of my crumpled up, almost completed shawl. Well, the biggest time commitment this weekend was casting off. It took almost all day yesterday (off and on) and I cast off the last bit this morning. We went out for a few hours through the day and when we got home I soaked it for 20minutes in Eucalan and laid it out to dry. It's not pinned, so it may not count officially as blocking.

This is a close-up of the chevron pattern.
...and the full shawl. The alpaca was knit on such small needles that the fabric was very dense and it didn't grow as it may otherwise have done. I quite like it.

That's it for me - 2 FOs is still 2 FOs.

I wonder how many other UFOs I'd find if I dug around the sewing room ? There are at least 3 tees in varying stages of completion, a duvet cover, a skirt, a coat, a coat lining (technically a UFO as I took a lining out of a jacket, split up all the pattern pieces and prepped them to be used as pattern pieces, but still have to lay out, cut, sew and insert a new lining), there's also my knitting, the cardigan and another baby blanket (that one's 7 years old) - ohhh, I don't want to think about it !


  1. CONGRATS, on knocking out that UFO. That blanket is beautiful!

  2. The shawl is very pretty, and that color will be spectacular on you! And someday someone will love the baby blanket.

    I always make myself finish things I start, or else they'd never get done. Sometimes I lose interest in something and have to make myself finish it, or I can't start another thing. It does backfire, and leave me inert for weeks. But that's why I never joined the coat sew-along: I thought I'd never finish trying to follow someone else's schedule, even if it was good for me.

  3. Go go go! Finishing UFOs is so odious. Two FOs is quite impressive for a weekend.

  4. Oh I love your red shawl! it's beautiful. congrats on finishing up. g


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