Monday, December 26, 2011


Every year DH asks what I want for Christmas, I give him some ideas and then he buys something of his own choosing - always something great, but never from the list !

This year I didn't have much of a list and when he asked I didn't worry too much since he doesn't use 'em anyway LOL.

But he asked again and so I made a very, detailed list - stores, hours, addresses, specific items WITH pictures. There was now way for him to say 'I wasn't sure' :-)

Yesterday I opened the complete Harry Potter set in Blu-Ray and the Twilight book set.

AND these...

He did good ! :-)


  1. Nice!! So what will you knit?

  2. Congrats to you on getting such a wonderful Christmas gift!

  3. Oh, he did really good! That Bob is one smart dude!

  4. He did very good! I see new socks in your future. g

  5. Beautiful! He did good, indeed. Happy New Year!


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