Friday, August 17, 2012

3 Seams

Seam #1 - the neckband of DH's tee Kwik Sew 3299.
It was cut sometime before the end of 2011 but never sewn. I sewed it all but the neckband a couple weeks ago and finished it a few days ago. He likes it and I'll make him more - only need to add some inches to the length so it can be used as an undershirt with his work uniform and stay tucked in.

Seams #2 and 3 - the armholes of my HotPatterns Fringe Tee - free download from
This one too, was cut ages ago, but it was all sewn up except for the armholes. Now it's done and wearable, but I haven't quite decided if I like enough to try again. Really don't like the neckband of the tie, it's too wide and floppy on the back of my neck.

Links to the actual PR reviews are over on the sidebar.

A couple more seams will finish a couple more items. Good for another post. :-)

Still working on the Haruni shawl the FREAKING i-cord bind off is taking longer than I thought !!!


  1. Hooray for a good T for hubby! And I love the fabric of your blouse. Very pretty.

  2. You really matched that print up nicely!

  3. Love that floral! It looks good on you. And lucky Bob, with a custom t-shirt. Please don't tell Michael.


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