Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not Much Progress on the Coat

Well, I'm really stuck on the sleeves for this coat. I really want to follow along with the group and use the same techniques, but I'm a little out of my depth.

I've only worked on the right sleeve of the coat, will ignore the left one til the right one is good.

I moved the shoulder seam forward 1/4" at the neck, and 1/2" at the armhole seam.

I raised the armhole up 1/2" and reset the sleeve by putting on the body of the muslin and slipping on the sleeve and fiddling with it til it hung straight. Then I basted it in to find the front is ok - the back is full of wrinkles.

Still don't know what to do - I think I may need a narrow shoulder adjustment. Some of the wrinkles match the pics for narrow shoulder in Fast Fit and Fitting Finesse. What I don't know how to do now is a narrow shoulder adj on a muslin already sewn up. I think I might have to start all over.

Here are the pics of the new right sleeve.

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