Sunday, July 27, 2008

Freebies, anyone ?

I got doubles !

I've not been keeping track as well as I thought, LOL.

Sooooo, I've a duplicate copy of McCalls 5466 (size 12-14-16-18) which I apparently loved enough to buy twice :-) - It's brand new in the package...

And I subscribed to Threads just before the current one was issued and assumed (we all know what that means !) that I would probably only get the 'next' one. Now I have 2 copies.

I LOVE the Pay it Forward concept so I'm willing to put 'em in the mail for anyone who wants them. Any takers ? First come, first serve.


  1. I like that dress! I'd love the pattern, if no one else wants it, and the Threads, too. I like the lines of your coat, overall; are you in the Great Coat Sewalong?

  2. Marjie, well it's been a week and you're the only taker so they're yours. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow at 5am and will be back on Thursday...if you don't mind waiting, send me your mailing address to lonelysecretary1 AT hotmail DOT com and I'll get them in the mail first thing Friday. I hope you enjoy them.

    Yes I'm in the sewalong - what a great opportunity - I'm learning alot and actually am hopeful to have a wearable coat before winter.

    BTW - I haven't yet commented but I love your blog and check it regularly - some of your recipes make me hungry just reading them - and Thor is a sweetie - my babies are just a touch smaller LOL (a chihuahua & a pomeranian)


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