Friday, July 10, 2009

A few more supplies

Of COURSE I bought something while I was in New Brunswick a few weeks ago !

Today after work I decided to wander up to the Garment District on St Hubert Street - I've only been there once, quite a few years ago. The fact that most things were not labeled and not priced really freaked me out and I never went back. I spent the whole afternoon there today and picked up a couple items - no fabric but that was major willpower in effect - I'm so proud of myself !

Here are the goodies:
From NB - Pink twill (a 1m remnant) and the Toefutsies yarn.

Today's finds - buttons to go with the twill, a Clover double tracing wheel, 2-6000m spools of KAVA thread (The name of the store is Kava - don't know the actual origin of the thread)

I've never seen a double tracing wheel, so I grabbed it when I saw it.
The thread is new to me but the lady assured me it was good for both the serger and the sewing machine. If I don't like it, well it's not a great loss, each spool was only $2 ! 6000m !

See the price on the fabric ? $2.24 - and it was 1/2 off that ... $1.12 :-)
The buttons were $.57 total
Are you doing the math ?
This skirt (probably another BWOF-04-2009-101) is going to cost < $1.75 - now that's my kind of shopping LOL !


  1. You cannot beat the price! Make a beautiful thing.

  2. I'm still planning on going to the Garment district in Montreal this summer. I'm anxious about that :)
    Greta finds and I like that skirt pattern.

  3. I love it when you can create a real bargain like that! I always shop the clearance rack if I'm just "browsing"! Last year I bought 180 zippers for about $80. Now I don't feel ripped off by the zipper vendors, which is something that always annoyed me!

  4. Definitely my kind of shopping too! Enjoy!

  5. What a bargain!! I never find anything cute when I look through the remnants.


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