Monday, July 27, 2009

An update

It's been 2 weeks already ! I really am working on stuff - but slowly.

This is where the socks are right now -

I've got about an inch done on the leg and am working the K2P2 all around the sock now. See the crochet hook ?
This morning I noticed that right after I started working in the round for the leg, I hadn't picked up and knit a full stitch. The yarn was splitty and I only caught a part of the yarn, leaving a bit to snag later. It bugged me, but not enough to stop knitting.

Tonight I 'carefully' dropped the stitch back down to the split stitch and picked them all back up again.
That tiny hook came in pretty handy :-)

And, here's the blouse (BWOF 2009-02-125)

The darts are done on both the front and back.
The pleats are basted on the sleeves.
The collar pieces and cuffs are interfaced.

We start our vacation on Friday. I'd like the socks at least done by then. That way I can travel with a new pair on the needles ! :-)


  1. I have enough trouble getting myself excited about sewing something. Then when i do, I just want to make everything possible from that piece of fabric. If I took up knitting, too, I don't know if I'd ever do anything, because I'd be so confused trying to decide what I want to do first!


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