Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Friends :-)

L to R - Mahler, KayY, Rhonda & Margaret

I should have (and meant to) had this post done up on Sunday, but, well, you I am finally and the week's almost done. (Ha ! I started this Thursday afternoon and it is now officially, Sunday 1 am)

On my last post, I mentioned that I was going to spend Saturday with some PR members who are brainstorming the PR Weekend coming up in Montreal next June.

WELL, it was a fabulous day !!!

I got myself up to St Hubert Street in plenty of time to meet the ladies, to find that Rhonda was already there waiting.

As an aside, I'm not sure that I've mentioned this or not, but Canada has a route all the way across Canada with a branch to the northern territories called the Trans Canada Trail. It is basically a non-motorized (walking, biking, horseback riding, skiing, etc) trail that is still in the process of being built - the plan is to have this trail connecting right across the country. I have been lucky enough to have walked some of the trail in real life. BUT, on the website (I just cannot get the link to work !) there is an interactive map where you can log in, use a pedometer to track your daily steps and post them. The map starts in British Columbia and as you post your steps/mileage the line turns green and you walk across the country.

Rhonda and 2 other ladies on PR and I are attempting to walk this trail - It's 21,500km long - we figure it should take about 7 years ! LOL

Having said all that, Rhonda & I had no problem jumping right in to chat as it seemed like we already knew each other from the PR thread - Walk across Canada. In about 1/2 hour the other ladies had arrived.

We met in a great little fabric shop and spent a couple hours browsing - well, Rhonda & I browsed. The others all bought some amazing pieces of fabric and I can't wait to see their finished projects !

After that, we had a bite to eat and walked the street taking notes of eating spots & fabric stores.

And me ? Well, I was good, very good actually. One of the stores specialized in zippers, elastic, trim, etc and I found invisible zips 8" for 75 cents each. I bought about a dozen - and that was my entire purchase for the day.


  1. Sounds like a great day.

    All I really have here is Fabricville so I can't see that I would be good if I found myself in an amazing fabric store
    in Montreal :)

  2. I'd be scooping up the zippers for that kind of price, too. You know I can't resist a bargain. And I'm with Ann; I'd be out of control in a fabric store like that, since all I have is Joanns.

  3. We SURE DID have fun, eh!! PR has been a wonderful "tool" for meeting great gals like YOU, Claire ;)
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  4. Hi Claire.- My best wishes for the Christmas holidays and also for the new year.

    Greetings, Paco

  5. I'm behind here and catching up but always like hearing about great fabric haunts! Where were you in St. Hubert Street?

  6. Looks like a great time. In Oct. I went to Montreal and my hubby drove me to St.Hubert and stayed with me for 5 hours while I browsed and bought. I was careful to buy only special fabrics and notions that I knew I could.'t get here in NB. I Love Montreal. Happy New Year Claire.


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