Friday, November 27, 2009

It was a busy week

It's hard to believe a week can pass so quickly.

Because of MIL's funeral Wednesday and family obligations, I had the whole week off except for Monday. Monday, DBIL and 2 of his kids arrived from Alberta. The kids left yesterday morning and today after the burial DBIL went to DSIL's place to stay for a few days. He's only leaving for home on Dec 15 so we'll have him with us for our Christmas Dinner on the 12th ! :-)

As far as projects go, my skirt and pants are pretty much where I left them last Sunday. In fits and starts I did manage to cut the lining pieces for the skirt and attach the faced yokes to the lining.

Knitting - we've spent a fair amount of time in the car so I put a bit more length on my Lacy Ribs Socks - still have a ways to go before I start on the gusset though.

My one finished project was completed last Monday at work. The blue baby afghan for my colleague was done Sunday, but on Monday I brought it to work and weaved in all the loose ends. The shower was Wednesday, so I missed it. I really hope she like it.

The afghan 'Sweet Baby Blankie' by Roberta Maier was supposed to be fringed at each end but I didn't add the fringe. I like the clean edge of the single crochet rows better.

Now, I have a big day coming up tomorrow !!!

There is a PR Weekend - Montreal in the planning stages for next June, tomorrow a few of the ladies (Mahler, Kayy, Rhonda in Montreal & Margaret) are meeting to continue the planning and I'm meeting them ! I CAN'T WAIT ! Note to self - do NOT forget camera :-)


  1. Definitely a busy week. Hopefully things will slow down for you.

    I'm actually really hoping I can make it to PR Montreal. As soon as I find out when my sons graduation dates are.....

    I will look forward to your post after the meeting :)

    Have a great week end.

  2. (condolences to your family) Me too! I even offered to drive Kay to Mtl tomorrow...not that I need any more fabric at the moment (or within the decade), or the little distraction of having to oversee a birthday party. Wouldn't, couldn't work, but it sure was tempting!

  3. Sympathy to your family. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Sounds like fun!t

  4. Hi Claire...just to let yo won the 3 month free subscription to the Sandra Betzina Web-TV show :)))))


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