Thursday, March 25, 2010

A happy camper

A few posts ago, Trena posted a beautiful piece of silk she'd picked up along with a few patterns. 2 of the patterns were on my wish list and yesterday I stopped in Fabricville on my way home from work. The Buttericks were 65% off. The other pattern is a Vogue - I'm waiting for the next sale !

So, they did have the B5382 I went in for...

...but who on earth can go in a fabric store and not browse ??? Not me LOL !

I've got my eye on the lace dress in the March Burda and was looking at the 'good stuff' to see what I could find. So, I looked at the silks, the laces, etc...and wandered the store.

At the remnant bin, I saw a piece of blue (kind of teal) that looked remarkably like the silk charmeuse I'd just looked at. It was marked 1.2 m for $4.00 - I grabbed it and went to check if it was actually the same fabric. IT WAS !!! Then I noticed the sale tag on the remnant bin.

Silk charmeuse - regular price $34.99/m
1.2m piece from the bin - $4.00
Sale on remnant bin - 50% off

You do the math... :-)

Now I'm off to dig through my patterns to see what I can make with just 1.2m of 45" wide fabric.


  1. Wow-you get yourself a silk dress for two bucks? What a score!

  2. LOL probably just a tank Gwen, but I'm good with that !

  3. Wow what a stroke of luck! It helps to be numerically apt and visually acute, eh?

  4. Fantastic deal! You can get a skirt out of that length - certainly! maybe even a lovely sleeveless sheath dress. g

  5. I see a cute little straight, maybe empire waisted, summer dress with skinny straps in your future! In silk! For $2! Happy Day!

  6. Oh my gosh!. What a steal of a deal! Isn't Fabricville wonderful?
    Claire are you going to join in the Fabricville contest? I guess I will.

    I've got the Vogue version of your Butterick dress. I'm thinking of little Black Dress.

  7. Nice find for the silk! I really need to get around to that Butterick.


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