Friday, April 2, 2010

I can't decide...

if it was a good day or not.

Reading the local paper this morning, there was a half-page notice that my local Fabricville is having an 'end of lease' sale and will be closing...not moving, CLOSING ! That's why I can't decide good day or not. I really don't like to see our local shops closing especially fabric shops. BUT, they ARE having a sale and I had to check it out.

Most things were 40% off. Not bad, but they don't have the one specific thing I'm looking for so I was saved from buying fabric. I did however, pick up two patterns.

B5247 has been in my hands and put back in the drawer more times than I can count. Why ? I don't know but today Buttericks/McCalls are $2.99 so I finally picked it up.
The Vogues are $5 and I picked up the one I mentioned in my last post, V8633.

From what I could gather, they will be closing sometime in June. It would probably be a good ides to short-list my pattern wish list and see what I can find. There is a McCalls shirt (have to find that number again) and a couple of dress patterns.

In weather news, the normal daytime temp in Montreal is +6°C. Today we had +25°C ! and tomorrow ? Forecast is for +27°.

I guess overall it was a good day after all :-)


  1. i think that the closing of any fabric store is sad news. however, i do like the patterns you chose. i worked at a fabric store during its "going out of business" period. it was a the pretty fabrics now at 40% off or wait until the discount goes deeper and risk the fabrics being gone....

  2. Hmm, I'd grab what I can now, and mope later. And, the weather in Ottawa is just as brilliant this wonderful, happy Easter weekend too! Compare this to early April 2 yrs ago, hahahahah!!!

  3. A Fabricville closing in Montreal. Is that not where they are originally from? What a shame. I would hate to see it close here. We only have the one.

    It was +23C here in Fredericton today. It was gorgeous :)

  4. We lost our Hancock Fabric a couple of years back, and it was a sad day. Any loss of a fabric store is not a cause for celebration. But the warm weather? That's something we can all root for!

  5. Oh Claire,it's a sad day when a Fabricville closes. I would be devastated if the Fredericton one ever closed.Fabric stores are becoming harder to find all the time.
    Thank you for the comment you left about my shirt.
    If you need to make an FBA, there's lots of info on the net. Once you know how to do it ,it's so simple . If you looked at my daughter's coat and me in it,then at my cream jacket,same pattern with only an FBA being the only change I made,it's really amazing what a difference it made. I'm planning on doing a couple of tutorials on FBA's on my Diana's Sewing Lessons blog, but not until I get back from Ottawa.
    It was nice to hear from you.


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