Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some finished items

WAY past due LOL but here, finally are the finished BWOF 04-2009-119 pants. These were started back in November (or was it October?). Anyhoo, I fit and adjusted a muslin 3 times and after all that, these pants don't fit ! Smiles in the front, and extremely snug in the back and over the front of the thighs. Actually, the picture looks fine - I just can't sit down :-)

I've asked for a bit of help over on PR and while I had already done some of the suggestions, I did not give myself 1" seam allowances and also did not allow that the muslin may have stretched during the fitting process.

So for my next pair I'll recheck the measurements, both me and the pattern, give 1" SA's AND use a stretch fabric.

Since I'd started these as part of my 2009 Wardrobe I added this pic to that album. Wardrobe Pics

This week I also finished my third pattern from Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up (SFTTU) - Diagonal Lace. I really love the orange.

A few more sock pics here

Next up -

Sewing - adjust the pattern and start another 04-2009-119 pants. I have 2 pieces of stretch bottomweight fabric I picked up off the discount wall at Fabricville a while back - They were about $1.50/m & I ended up with 5 meters. I 'could' get 2 pants and a skirt from them.

Knitting - I cast on the Skew Socks this morning in a pink/white/grey yarn I picked up in Toronto last summer. It has quite a wide striping, so the sock doesn't have the look I was expecting but I think I'm going to like the finished pattern - I just hope they fit. The pattern is for a size or so smaller than me so I went up 2 needle sizes and crossed my fingers. I put off starting this project because I couldn't make heads or tails of the pattern while reading it and thought it would require sitting still and only concentrating on it and so it would be only doable at home. Well, the pattern is broken down into manageable sections and I'm now on the foot, a 2 row pattern repeat for another 4 inches or so. These will travel with me after all :-) They will also be finished one at a time - I didn't want to attempt mirror image, diagonal patterned socks 2 at a time !
Have a good week everybody...


  1. So sorry about the pants. I'm beginning to have serious doubts that I should ever make another article of clothing.

    Love the orange socks - can't wait to see your skewed. g

  2. Your pants look just fine in the photo, so just wear them and don't sit down! Love your orange socks. Also I like the Skew socks and intend to make a pair. They look challenging.

  3. I don't wear pants, because I'm pretty sure my butt is square. Besides, my mother wouldn't let me wear dresses most of the year when I was a kid, so now I'm revolting! Ha, ha! The pants look good in the photo, but a little stretch to them would doubtless help. Your socks are just lovely! What a nice pattern!

  4. love the orange socks! must get that book. my skew socks are at a standstill because i have not had time to touch my knitting in ages... since costuming began for the play

  5. Hi, just found your blog. Noticed your post with the Burda pants, I couldn't tell from the picture if they were the same ones I'd made but they were definitely similar to a Jalie's pants. My muslin turned out quite wearable but I never got further than the muslin. I agree about using a stretch fabric next time.
    I also learned from previous trials with Burda pants patterns that what ever you do in your adjustments, NEVER change the front crotch. You will get the baggy look or the smilies. Do all your alterations on the back crotch curve or point.

    Now I am off to find that Burda magazine to see if it's the one I made.
    BTW other than the smilies, your fit looks good!



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