Sunday, February 20, 2011

and coming home

It was a good weekend - Dad had a family dinner yesterday so I saw a few of my nieces & nephews and a sister I don't see often. Friday was lunch with my BFF, visit with another sister and a visit with Mom. Mom is physically well, but bedridden or in a geri-chair of course. She looked well cared for, she was animated and laughing. There were times she looked right through me but a few times she looked like she was understanding me and trying to communicate. It was about the best it can be at this stage and as long as she looks well that's good.

My flight from Saint John NB to Montreal is by way of Halifax NS - yes, traveling backwards again LOL

Halifax had freezing rain last night and for the past couple of hours I've heard more delay announcements than I can count. My flight boards in an hour or so and so far it ought to be on time AND I should have my seat. There were a lot of double bookings earlier - people got bumped.

Please cross your fingers for me - I had a great weekend but now I want to be home on time - in the meantime I get to knit for a while ! I was prepared to pack my knitting but asked first and they let me bring it on board - even though it says plastic needles and I have metal (expensive Addi metal ! that I would rather check-in than lose LOL) BONUS - I'm happy ! ... especially if we're delayed :-)


  1. I know I've written to you prevously, sympathizing about your mother. It's difficult. Knowing she is taken care of, and not in pain and suffering has to be comforting. So sorry.

  2. Hope your flight home is safe. It's really hard to see your mother the way she is, but at least she appears comfortable. Hope your knitting worked out well for you, too; it's nice that they let you have your knitting needles on the plane.


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