Friday, February 11, 2011

A swift for g

A few weeks ago I had comments back and forth with gMarie and mentioned that I'd just made a yarn swift to wind the hanks I'd just received from KnitPicks. She asked to see the swift and I agreed, however that procrastination gene of mine kicked in and I've only just now taken a couple of pics - sorry g :-(

This is the link I used. I was missing a few pieces but made do.

The supplies - 4 coat hangers, 2 pieces of elastic, a bunch of clothespins and a 4x4" container. It also calls for a gripper pad and a lazy susan so it will spin while winding.

Tie the hangers together at the top and one corner (shown in the 1st pic), open them out and put them top first into the container (instructions called for a UPS box but my little rubbermaid container works great). Put 8 clothespins on the container one on each side of each hanger. The clothespins at each outer point of each hanger will sit just above and just below the hank once it's set on the swift.

And here is a hank of KnitPicks Tonal Stroll set up and ready to go (just as soon as I untie it LOL).

I don't have a lazy susan so I set it up on the floor and sit on a stool for height and unwind a few rounds at a time. So far it works ok, although slower. The whole contraption is sitting on a roll of packing tape just to raise it from the table for the picture. I'd like to find a small lazy susan (about 6") but haven't come across one yet - one of these days.

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  1. Oh how amazing is that? I love it. Enjoy your weekend home. g


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