Saturday, March 31, 2012

Venus & Jupiter

I'd been hearing about Venus and Jupiter being visible in the night sky recently but hadn't actually seen them. Tonight I went out and there they were.
I grabbed the camera and DH (I couldn't get a darned picture without help, 'point and shoot' just wasn't working LOL)

Anyway, this is what he took for me...If I'm not mistaken they're on the right side of the pics. Venus is the bright one on top and Jupiter is below just to the right. In two of the pics you can also see Orion's Belt to the left of and hiding behind the tree. Isn't the sky amazing ?


  1. That is amazing! i can't see anything in my sky, because it's been drizzling for 3 days. Better than snow, I suppose, but still dreary.

  2. Lovely pics. We've had too much rain to see planets! Maybe tonight - if hubby is up to it. It's a job for him too. g


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