Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring !

It's the first day of Spring and we're confused !

This morning it was 5°C and it is supposed to rise to 23°C for the high this afternoon. So, it is 'one of those days' - what on earth do you wear ?!
  • Winter coats - yep, saw 'em 
  • Heavy sweaters - yep, saw these too
  • Spring skirts with tights - yep, a couple of these
  • Spring skirts with bare legs and open toed shoes - oh yeah
    (yes, really ! Actually saw this yesterday, too. There are braver people than me out there !)
Me ? DH drives me to work - I'm in jeans, tee and light cardigan but left the coat home. I do walk at the end of the day to meet him though, so I'm REALLY hoping that 23° shows up


  1. Claire where in the world do you live again? My heart goes out to you with those temps.

  2. 'Carried a PR Week-End nylon bag!! for my vest and fleece jacket in afternoon... HUGE difference between starting out and going home, eh... :(
    Please, we'd rather s-l-i-d-e into this heat.

  3. My boys have been wearing short sleeves. I've been wearing dresses with jackets - removable sleeves! I'm hoping it stays warmer, and I can sew some nice spring dresses.

  4. I wore skirts with bare legs that last two days. The sun is shining and it's glorious out there! But yes - very confused. g


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