Monday, June 25, 2012

It's all Skippy's fault LOL

I wasn't going to do it - not 2 times in a row - 'posting for the sake of posting'. 'course, at this point I'm not sure who all would still be reading :-)

It's been ages since I've done any sewing. I do have 2 pairs of socks almost done and another pair on the way, but nothing postable yet.
Thinking about sewing is happening though. I had a girls' day on Saturday and I tried on a bunch of maxi dresses. Can someone explain why they look fine on everyone else but in all but one, I looked pregnant ? phooey ! At least there was one and now I'm trying to figure out if I can make a copy of it.

DH took pics of Skippy earlier and I went through the pics on the camera. Here's a sampling...

A few weeks ago, I spent 2 weeks in Toronto with a friend who was recovering from a major surgery...and in high 20°C temps where better than the beach ? I really had no idea Toronto had real beaches right on their waterfront, duh ! We watched some beach volleyball... one point I walked across the sand to get to the water. This isn't even half the beach.

Hubby loves to catch me unawares - I finally made it to the end of 'Breaking Dawn' yesterday morning.

Before I left for Toronto, my flowers and shrubs were just starting to green up and get buds. My rose bush was about 10" tall. 2 weeks later it was full of buds and blooms too!

...and a close up - they're beautiful.

Another couple weeks later, this is what they looked like today. I've already pruned out all the spent blooms and thinned it out - you can't easily tell but there are still a LOT of buds to come.

The last couple years, my clematis has bloomed but the leaves turn brown starting at the bottom and within a week or two the vine looks horrible. This spring, in preparation for digging out the clematis and the rose bush in front of it, I chopped it right down to the ground and left it for later. Well, later it is and look at it now. No brown leaves yet, but I think I'll still dig it up and replace it in the fall.

Skippy's seat of choice is on the arm of the couch, any arm, and it doesn't matter if someone else got there first !

And when I attempted to ignore him and keep on surfing anyway...he dropped ! Daddy ran for the camera...and I had a blog post - LOL

Alex had her own thoughts on the camera this week.

Apparently, one pic was her limit :-) too funny.


  1. Time off spent at the beach sounds great. Who knew there are beaches in Toronto? Glad to see Skippy keeping you under control, even if you aren't sewing.

  2. Love Alex sticking her tongue out. I think it's too funny when they do that.

    Sewing will happen when you are ready. You know what happens when you push it. I'm finally sewing again for really the first time since last October. You are getting your craft on in other forums - knitting, gardening, cooking/baking (?) and reading. Enjoy. g

  3. I knew there were beaches in Toronto!! That's where I play volleyball!! Your roses are gorgeous! Sue


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