Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snoop shopping for tops

My lunch buddy deserted me today for a department lunch and I used the time to browse Winners. I've not been sewing much at all lately as you all know but I really need some clothes.

Last weekend I found a couple pairs of pants which will do for a start but still need tops. Said lunch buddy mentioned that I still wear pretty much the same style of clothes as I did before I lost weight although what I've bought fits better (read 'closer' LOL). She's right, so I thought I'd see what I could find 'different'.

I tried to pick tops that seemed out of my comfort zone, whether colours or style or fabric. Some I'm happy with, others not so much.

The pics were taken with my Touch and are not great but opinions are welcome (I haven't bought anything yet - way to paranoid to choose something 'different' by myself :-) ). Yes, I've been told to smile but boy, it's not easy to take your own picture !


  1. I like the ones with the draped neck best. And pull your hair down again! That will help way more than if you're smiling! I don't smile either when I'm shopping. It's too much work!

  2. My favourite is the blue and green cowl neck top, but generally I like all the ones with a bit of waist definition and not too high a neckline. Good luck choosing and congrats on your weight loss.

  3. My fav of all is the red/coral one...maybe a little too long (it should stop at the stomach area).
    But I like it cause it shows off your cute waist, although the neckline is a little boring (but you could jazz it up with a statement necklace!). Love the sleeves on the tourquoise/blue one.
    I don't like the top with the tie belt (unless you want to wear it a little higher), because the placement (exactly on the waist) looks old - it's the new thing...waists are defined but higher.
    The light is sort of hinky in this dressing room, but from the little I can tell, you look better in warmer colors. The cooler ones seem to bleed your natural coloring out, but again this could be from the dressing room fluorescent lighting.

    Have you ever thought of making a croquis of yourself?...take a picture of yourself in dark, skin-fitting clothes on a light background or vice versa white on dark background, and either scan it into your computer (or go to Kinko's and they'll scan it), or you can trace it and then trace pattern ideas onto the croquis (that's why I scanned mine and I can print out as many croquis as I like). This really helps me if I have a question about a client or myself.

    Good luck - it's like shopping all over again when you loose weight!


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