Monday, December 24, 2012

December - in pictures

I baked cookies recently ... HA - a master of understatement, me LOL
After the packages were all wrapped for our party...I thought I was done. See ? Doesn't that look like more than enough?
Um, nope - I needed boxes for work, both DH's and mine - more baking.
Done. yet ?
Nope - this morning I'm in Toronto. Anyone want to hazard a guess how I spend my morning ? You only get one guess !...

Marjie - I can't thank you enough for the visual of deformed hot dogs ! Too funny :-)
These are now all baked and probably won't last long. but NOW I'm done. Thank goodness.

Every year some asks me how many cookies I make. This year I started to keep track. I gave up but a conservative estimate would be in the range of about 135 dozen - it's official - I'm nuts ! LOL

The big Christmas dinner was a couple of weeks ago and was a success. Here are a few shots of the day. One of these years, I'm going to remember I want a group shot.

Just look what they did to my little boy - he only tried to shake it off once  LOL
it was a tough day !

Have you ever seen a dog sit like this ? He actually sits back on the edge of the bed and then lies forward 

don't remember what it was, but whatever trouble we'd gotten into, neither one of us was taking blame LOL

Our friends' tree - isn't it gorgeous ?

Montreal has snow  - a white Christmas :-)


  1. Love the look of the white Christmas, and the party fun - total opposite to my day of blazing hot sunshine!
    Merry Christmas...J

  2. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas, Claire! Despite the bow on his head, I'm betting your boy enjoyed all of the attention. Happy New Year to you and Bob.


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