Friday, August 8, 2008

Vacation's Over

We were away this past week on holidays. Generally our vacations are very low key. Either visiting family in New Brunswick or in Toronto...this week it was Toronto.

I had no access to the internet til Thursday so, no blogging, reading blogs, reading emails AND no sewing either ! But, on Wednesday our hosts pointed DH and I in the direction of Queen & Spadina and I spent 3 hours dragging him through all the fabric & notion shops in the fasion district. I had a couple of notions I was looking for but I was NOT going to buy any fabric.....I didn't, hubby did ;-). Saturday Aug 2 was our 11th anniversary after all, what better present ?

I picked up a few skirt pieces at The Wool House - they had their end of roll pieces cut to approx 1 yd lengths and I will use these for skirts for work.

A couple of doors over, at Downtown Fabrics, I got :

a rayon knit print (the fact that I haven't yet got up the nerve to try knits didn't stop me),

a red stretch cotton w/embroidery,

blue cotton w/embroidery,

and 2 pieces of linen, the same print - one blue, one red, DH liked the blue, I liked the red, therefore I had to have both ! No ?

All of these pieces are quite a bit darker than these pics show.
I really liked every piece I bought and would like to sew them up rather than stash them. Tomorrow shortly, I'll start prewashing them.

Now I have to make another attempt at the sleeves for my coat and I've got a skirt almost finished (M3341) in an orange stretch cotton with a woven stripe in it. It only needs the waistband facing and the hem.


  1. So much fabric, so little time....I love these colors! I agree with you on your next post that an A line skirt is better than a straight one. Not only does it make bending easier, it makes the wearer look thinner - always a plus for anyone over 25 (and sometimes younger, too!)

    I'm looking forward to your package. Thanks so much for your offer! Glad you had a nice vacation, and I hope the furry kids didn't miss you too much!

  2. Marjie - you are VERY welcome, I'm glad they'll be used - I don't know anyone who sews other than online. I wore the skirt today, it's SOOOOO comfortable - thinner is good, I'm way over 25 LOL.

    The furry kids didn't miss us at all...we travel with them. The people in Toronto are parents to our chihuahua's big brother & sister so it's an active house when we visit. 4 people, & 4 dogs.

    Much easier than travelling with your Thor I suspect :-)


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