Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 more dresses for J

It was another busy week at work so at home there were lots of bits of things but no great accomplishments. I only posted once last week - I think I'll spread the bits over a couple of posts this week.

The biggest thing this week is the sundresses for J.

I'm not going to review them because they're the same NL6908 as the first one and I only made a few changes.
  1. I made a size 3 this time.
  2. Her mom asked for the view with the ruffle - the pink version is View B with a ruffle and a bit of white piping
  3. The butterflies are View A with lime colored piping but no ruffle.

It was my first attempt at piping and ruffles. Both were a pain in the neck and I'll need more practice.

The two dresses:

The back(s):

Butterfly piping:

Pink ruffle:

These are all packed up to take to work tomorrow. They leave on vacation Wednesday, so the dresses were done in plenty of time.


  1. They are beautiful. It sure looks like you did a great job with the ruffles and piping!

  2. Honestly your piping looks better than mine does. Did you use a piping foot? The snap on one that I got at Hancocks really helped and it fit my Singer machine.


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