Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Missed it ! :-(

Oh boy, I was watching my blogoversary button pretty closely and STILL missed it - my first post was June 3, 2008, a year ago plus 8 days - apparently a reminder button is not enough LOL !

But, THIS one is my 100th post !!!!!! Who'da thunk I could write 100 posts - most anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised that I could talk that much, but write them ? Color me surprised.

Also color me very happy.

The followup on the sundress is that J LOVES it. It's just 'like a princess Mommy!'

Yes, she would like another one. I'll make a size 3 next time, this one is quite big for her but I don't think she'll part with it long enough for me to take it in. So, she'll grow into it and I'll make a couple more to fit now.

I guess it was a success :-)


  1. Obviously you enjoy blogging, cause you're still here after a year! Good news for the rest of us! Congratulations.

  2. Such a pretty dress.
    Congratulations on your one year of blogging :) My first post was
    June 7,2007, but I forgot too! and I'm only at 133 post.....not really that much.

  3. Congratulations on your "blogiversary" and your 100th post!
    Your dress looks cute flat, but absolutely adorable on the model.

  4. It's so cute, and just in time for warm weather. It's great to make a little girl so happy. Happy blogiversary, and happy post 100! I'm pushing 500 hard, and don't know what I even write about. Well, at least everyone likes food, right?


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