Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

Saturday was the summer version of 'girls' day out'.

Two girlfriends & I spent the day in downtown Montreal and Old Montreal.
Families were deserted mid-morning and we didn't get home til about 11pm.

Generally, we spend a couple hours window shopping and this year we got lucky. We all found pieces we liked.

I have to say though, this sewing thing got in the way of a very enjoyable browse. I was very aware of exactly how everything did NOT fit. Shoulders, swayback, etc. etc....... Until we went into the very last store, I was feeling really disappointed. Then I found a skirt and a couple of tees I quite liked and they fit ! Some swayback issues on the tee but none on the skirt (I don't think - I'll see once DH takes a pic for me)

So, here're the 2 pieces...

The skirt is cotton, very full with a wide yoke and fully lined with a lightweight cotton (batiste ?)
The tee is very dark, chocolate brown with a pattern stitched in the bodice.
I didn't really like the brown tee with the white skirt although my friends did. It did, on the other hand, go really well with the orange M3341 I was wearing at the time ! And not much goes with that skirt - so - bonus.

A close-up of the bodice pattern.

The skirt is really wide and comes below my knees.

The front placket is actually full length, and hides working buttons all the way down.
Are these pockets, welt pockets ?

Close-up of hidden buttons.

Sunday, I cut out 2 more sundresses for J. I haven't finished them yet, but will post pics once they're done. Off to work on them now - on these, an assembly line technique works great !

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