Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reviews are up

It took forever, but I finally finished the May 2009 Mini Wardrobe.

I didn't think I'd ever finish the silly blouse.

BWOF 02-2009-125

This is what I wore to work today. The blouse, along with BWOF 07-2008-113, piece #3 for the PR Wardrobe Contest. Quite a few people commented on the blouse. It took so long to make that before I was done it, I didn't like it. I forced myself to finish it. By the end of today, though, I liked it again. It's not as dark as I feared and it fit really comfortably throughout the day.

Here's a closer view of the button placket. Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll. The large dark buttons won, but I also had the same buttons a bit smaller. Not quite as small as little shirt buttons. The smaller version seemed to sit better on the placket. I put 2 buttons on each sleeve band instead of one.

The PR review is here : and a link to more pics.

I also managed to finish and post the review for BWOF 07-2008-113

The PR review is here - and the link to the pics - but I just have to post one here. Check out that zipper ! I know, I know, it takes so little to amuse me and make me happy :-) LOL

DH was out bowling tonight. My plan was to upload and edit the pics, make this post, edit & post the PR reviews and cut out a muslin for my next wardrobe garment (one of the pairs of pants)

Nope, didn't get anywhere near the muslin ;-) - now it's bedtime.


  1. Great outfit. You did a terrific job on both pieces.

  2. The outfit came out wonderfully, and the buttons are perfect on your blouse. Relax; with the start of the Christmas baking, you can't be too upset over not starting a muslin.

  3. Both pieces look great. Its great to have a new outfit.

  4. You are moving right along! Love those pieces.

  5. Love the outfit. You did a great job on both pieces :)


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