Saturday, April 16, 2011

04-2009-119 - 2nd version

This is what I did for the past 2 weekends. I liked my original version for dressy pants but don't like wide legs as a regular thing. Rather than start with a new pattern, I decided to try to narrow the legs on this pattern - in hindsight it may have been easier to start with a pattern closer to the shape I wanted.

Anyway, I narrowed the legs by 1.25 inches on both the inseam and outseam. The amount of wrinkles was staggering ! Tweaking included scooping the crotch .5 inch, shortening the back crotch extension by .75 inch, flattening the hip seam to get rid of the jodphur look, and loosening the knee by a total of 1" to see if it would help any of the wrinkles drop. They're comfy, but I'm hoping for some help to get rid of under-butt wrinkles so you're only getting the front shot :-)

You see it's not about me but all about my little girl ! LOL She was NOT giving up the spotlight !

I used Sandra Betzina's fly tutorial. Need to remember to make the underlap a bit wider though. ...and the bit of color ?

Cotton for the inner waistband and the underlap.

I'm happy with the wearability but they're not a TNT yet.


  1. Those look terrific in the photo. If they aren't your perfet TNT yet , they are well on their way!

  2. Thanks Gwen, but you oughta see the back ! :-)

  3. "Under-butt wrinkles..." Whatszat?? Trade for full bum curve?? ;)

  4. So how do you fix those wrinkles? And why won't you show us? I think they look good - and 20# down - you rock. g


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