Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let's pretend

that it's last weekend and I'm posting about the 'baby stuff' on time - LOL Yes, I finally finished the baby gift sewing and on time too. The baby's not due for a couple of weeks yet. I didn't really have a plan in mind of what I wanted to make other than a couple of crib sheets. Apparently, mommy doesn't prefer the pastel babyish items that are readily available. I went to Fabricville, picked up a couple of non-pastel flannel prints and figured I'd make whatever I could get out of what was left over once they were pre-washed (lost lots of length there !) and once the crib sheets were cut out. In total, I made... 3 crib sheets 5 receiving blankets 8 double sided burp cloths Here's the whole pile (less the 3 receiving blankets that were actually finished in time for the shower)

2 receiving blankets - purchased ones are pretty skimpy. I made these as large a square as I could - about 40" x 40". I also used decorative stitches for the first time. Boy, I never filled so many bobbins ! The burp cloths are approx 11" x 18", each of them backed with white and decorative topstitching. And finally, the crib sheets. Those elastics gave me fits but I eventually got 'em on with the regular SM and a zigzag stitch. I didn't have it in me to turn the elastics under and stitch again but I have sheets with the elastic applied like this and they've held up really well. Hopefully these will too.

...still working on my own weekend project - today I fitted, basted, took pics, pin fit some more, basted some more, took more pics and finally decided enough is enough. I started seaming, pressing, serging, etc and made progress but didn't finish. Yet.


  1. That's a wonderful gift. You should feel very proud to give those.

  2. Wow,that's so great Claire.Such pretty colours! I well remember my sewathon for Riley back in Oct 2009.I sewed for five days straight.
    I'm so glad you're able to use my tutorial on continuous bias. I love that method.

  3. Beautiful decorative topstitching. Nice pile of baby items in non-babyish patterns. Sometimes I wondered why babies love bright colors and that means all baby gear must be in pastels?

  4. I sewed my daughter's crib sheets the same way, with elastic from WalMart. Worked just fine and they're holding up great. Pretty colors, by the way.

  5. Lovely baby items. Any mother should be thrilled. What a great way to use decorative stitches, aren't they fun? g


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