Sunday, April 10, 2011

Market Bag

I haven't yet made any progress on my current sewing project, and in case I don't get very far with it today, I finally snapped a pic of my market bag. I found the instructions for this on Liana's blog a long time ago and started it then. The bag was done very quickly up to starting the strap and stopped. Probably got distracted - 'almost finished' items seem to be my nemesis :-)

Anyway, after finishing the last pair of socks, I decided to get moving on clean up and finished this bag as well as using up a 1 lb worsted weight yarn (that was just sitting around and taking up space )for a baby afghan - well, in the interest of full disclosure, the afghan is 'almost done' LOL The yarn ran out and it's a bit smaller than I would like, so I'm going to edge the off-white blanket with a dusty rose color (it will clear out another stash ball of yarn while I'm at it). About 1-2" of sc should do it, I think.

So, here's the bag. I used a crochet cotten and only one ball. I followed the original pattern to the top of the bag and, like Liana, did a 10 st garter stitch strap, although I just did the strap til the cotton ran out and then tacked it to the other side of the bag. One thing I've recently learned is that slipping the first stitch of each row makes a neater edge - tried it on the strap an am pretty happy with it.

...and another pic of my favorite model of late. Given a stick to chew, Alex hides with it til it's gone; Skippy wanders around with it like it's a cigar til he finds just the right spot on the carpet to settle.

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  1. I like the bag, but I love Skippy with his cigar. I have the feeling Jeff might be asking me to make a baby blanket for a friend of least he appreciates having a handy Mom around!


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