Thursday, June 30, 2011

201 km !

Self and I had heated words today...

After the dog walk this morning, I watched the weather for an hour or so and decided to take out the bike. Yesterday, it conveniently threatened rain all day and I used that as the perfect excuse to NOT go out on the bike. Yeah, yeah I knew perfectly well it was an excuse, but I had a sore butt, it was gonna rain, it was cold, yadda yadda, yadda.

5 minutes from the house she started:

Self - OMG, we can't do this !

Me - YES, we can, it's only 12k

Self - But, it's gonna rain, and our knees are sore, and our bum is sore and it's windy and it's faaaaaarrrrr ! whiny, whiny, whiny voice

Me - of COURSE we can, we did it Tuesday, we can do it today.

Self - but, I'm tired already and my bum's really SORE !

Me - just keep pedalling and shut up.

Self - but, but, but...

Me - lalalalalala, I'm not listening, keep pedalling.

55 minutes later self and I arrived back home after 13km (yes, she stopped complaining and kept pedalling LOL)

Not sure if I've blogged this before but I've been walking the Trans Canada Trail ( has an interactive map, you use a pedometer and log mileage or steps each day). This month my goal was 200 km for the month - it took 25 km on the bike to do it but I made my goal ! Happy, happy, happy :-)

Parting Shot(s)
I love that the trees completely overhang the roads in our neighbourhood. This was cottage country in the 1950s and most of the grown trees are at least that old.

Putting mileage on those little legs this week - 4k for 5 days in a row so far - and this is the result once we get home - everyone picks their spot...

Alex gets the couch:

Skippy, the sunroom carpet:

Charlie (who we have for 2 weeks rather than the expected 2 weekends) has settled in nicely and will flake out anywhere :-)


  1. GREAT JOB! Keep it up rah, rah, rah! And don't forget that a couple of days' rest between your bike days, especially at the early stages, is essential to let your muscles recover and build strength.

  2. Yeah you!! I was thinking we would get a photo of you stretched out along with the dogs!


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