Friday, June 24, 2011

Staycation - what to do, what to do...

Today is a stat holiday in Quebec, as is next Friday (Canada Day). Normally, I wouldn't take the days in between as holidays - a lot of people do and it makes for a pretty quiet week at work. This year though, I'm ready for a break - have to clear my brain. There's been a lot of stress since about November and I'm due.

The plan? There is none really. But I'm on my own, DH is not off with me.

We're babysitting Charlie, my DSIL's dog, so, along with my 2 I've got lots of company.

If the sun comes out, maybe the dogs and I'll walk, maybe I'll garden, maybe I'll nap, maybe I'll sew, maybe I'll work on my socks (or the 'almost' done sweater, maybe I'll sit on the back deck and read (or surf).

I could have gone to New Brunswick, or Toronto but I've been counting days to doing nothing for almost a month now so no travelling.

Right now I've got 10 gloriously stress-free days to fill up as I choose ! The possibilities are endless.


  1. "Staycation"... what a neat word!! (Tony says, "We're ALWAYS on staycation unless we go somewhere".)
    ENJOY!! Oh, the quiet ;)
    xo, Rhonda

  2. 10 days! How luxurious. Hoping you'll get the greatest enjoyment and discover lots!

  3. How nice! I too would love a "Staycation" right about now...enjoy your time off. I hope you have time to sew too.

  4. Sounds fabulous. My guess is that you'll do some of all of it. g


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