Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's a 15 !

I have GOT to stay away from flea markets/garage sales/kijiji/craigslist (and any other places I may have missed)

Last weekend, DH & I spent Saturday at a flea market. This market is open every weekend from Spring to Thanksgiving. Some of the vendors sell new stuff, but about a full third of the vendors are regular garage sale spaces - you can find ANYTHING if you don't mind digging through stuff. There are always a few things we have in mind 'if we see it' but generally it's just a good few hours walking around browsing. I've seen a lot of sewing machines the past few visits and haven't yet succumbed to the temptation of buying although I LOOK at them all :-)

What did I see this time ? A really, really ugly plastic case sitting on the ground behind the seller's table. Well, yes, I had to go see what it was. All closed up you'd never know it was a sewing machine unless you sewed and were looking closely.

I opened 'er up and swooned ! A 15 ! I'd been interested in one, but hadn't yet come across one. It was a bit dirty, but the handwheel moved well, there was a bobbin case and bobbin and only the straight foot. The lady said she wanted $20 but had no idea if it worked. Yeah, so we've learned that they pretty much ALL work after a good cleaning, oiling and new wiring and $20 seemed a good deal. I said yes, Hubby handed over the $$ and once we were at the car, he told me "if you hadn't taken it, I would have" LOL - anyone else see the signs of a monster in the making !

Here are a few pics of the new baby after Hubby did his thing - it cleaned up good.
We also checked out the serial number - Singer dates it to 1948.

The one thing left to do is get rid of the case - that thing's not hanging around for long!


  1. OOOH its a thing of Beauty!!!Im so Jealous!!

  2. Oh, how pretty! I would love to have time to find bargains like that - and then to use them. Envious over here. :) Enjoy.

  3. Oh it's lovely and the treadle above - swoon! I do want a treadle - just to have. I missed out on a beautiful Singer 504 in a cabinet because I didn't want to spend the $75, or know where we would put it - of course it was snapped up very, very quickly. g


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