Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It never works this well at home...

My sister has a great recipe for bread that she makes regularly (and perfectly !). I've tried it a few times and while it tastes good, it never rises particularly well and is heavy-ish.

My Dad has also tried it once, unsuccessfully. During my last few visits home, he has said he wants me to watch him make it and tell him what's wrong. Yeah, sis lives in the same city, it's her recipe, she makes it perfectly and he wants ME ? to show him ??? So since I'm visiting for a longer time this trip, we planned a day. Today.

In actuality, since I hadn't attempted it in a while, I made it and he watched. THIS is the finished product...

Don't they look fabulous ????!!!! So far, I'm happy :-)

Then 'someone' (not naming names 'DAD' LOL) couldn't wait for them to cool before tasting. So we cut off a few pieces. Here is the middle of the loaf shot...

OMG! I have NEVER made bread so light and fluffy. They were a hit.

And Dad ?
Well, we have another date before I leave on Friday for him to make a batch himself.


  1. Your bread looks beautiful. Glad Dad enjoyed it. I love when the bread is so picture perfect - but mine usually gets mashed from cutting while it's too hot. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  2. Your bread looks fantastic. Maybe it's the humidity in your home? Enjoy - hope there is a treat waiting upon your return. g


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